Mulherin, Michelle

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine Debate

General Scheme of the Greyhound Industry Bill 2017: Discussion (Resumed)

I welcome all the witnesses to today's meeting. Their input has been very important to the pre-legislation scrutiny of the general scheme of the greyhound industry Bill. From my work with animal ...More Button

It is very important that issues are highlighted and the role of advocacy, which the animal welfare groups engage in, serves to make it more socially unacceptable and shameful for people whose mi...More Button

Issues have been teased out but notwithstanding reservations about where the industry is at, I understand the witnesses are happy that the Legislature is trying to address issues of animal welfar...More Button

The witnesses have addressed the importance of social media in highlighting issues. To what extent does social media and people witnessing cruelty at sporting events play a part in achieving pro...More Button

Agriculture Cashflow Support Loan Scheme: Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland

I thank Mr. Ashmore for his presentation. I very much welcome the scheme and farmers are benefiting from it. The way the opportunity was grabbed by so many so quickly, while welcome, is also a re...More Button

With regard to terms and conditions, I gather from what Mr. Ashmore said that nobody is being asked to offer security in respect of these loans. I presume this because they are 80% guaranteed by...More Button

I was trying to follow the information the SBCI is getting from the banks. Mr. Ashmore said certain information is not captured regarding how many more people might have availed of this if they ...More Button

He said it creates further complications with the banks to ask them more questions and to glean more information. They are getting a good deal on this in respect of what is being guaranteed and ...More Button

The SBCI was established to provide funding to SMEs and to address the problems persisting with the banks. It would not be in existence if there were not problems with the banks. The SBCI provi...More Button

It is also stipulated that the SBCI provides "market access for new entrants to the SME lending market creating real competition". How does it assess its ability to create competition given ther...More Button

How is this in keeping with the SBCI's objectives to create more competition in the market when the SBCI is using them to roll out this funding?More Button