O'Keeffe, Kevin

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine Debate

General Scheme of the Greyhound Industry Bill 2017: Discussion (Resumed)

I thank the Chairman for allowing me to speak, although I am not a member of this committee. I am supportive of the greyhound sector both in coursing and at greyhound tracks. I fully respect the ...More Button

What is the percentage of greyhounds in various dog pounds throughout the country? Are dog pounds full of greyhounds or are there all breeds of dog there? We are scrutinising the legislation an...More Button

We are a nation of exporters, including the agricultural and drinks industries. We also produce good dogs so the issue is whether we should provide more controls and regulation over which countr...More Button

I agree that it is a problem but things have come a long way with drug testing of coursing dogs. I understand that the coursing federation has its samples sent abroad to an independent laborator...More Button

We got adverse publicity from the RTE programme but, following Deputy Penrose's question, I would like to know what percentage of greyhounds are currently in dog pounds. More Button

My apologies if Ms Jansen gave those.More Button

I am sorry. In the context of dogs surrendered to the pounds, how many-----More Button

Yes.More Button

They are still dogs.More Button

Are the witnesses saying that when the dogs reach Italy or Shanghai, they are not considered fit for racing or breeding?More Button

Why do people in Italy take them in if they cannot mind them? How does a dog end up in Italy if it is not wanted there?More Button

Yes. Obviously, if one intends to export, one must have a destination for the product.More Button

Who is buying the dogs at the other end?More Button

This matter must be revisited. I thank Ms Matthews.More Button