Lombard, Tim

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine Debate

Agriculture Cashflow Support Loan Scheme: Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland

I apologise for being late. I was detained at another meeting. I welcome the witnesses to this space. It is a very important initiative and it has been very positive. I wish to ask about the du...More Button

Is Mr. Ashmore confident that the entire sum will be drawn down? It might be allocated but will it be drawn down by the institutions? I have heard stories of farmers being given approval for th...More Button

Mr. Ashmore referred to security in his presentation. Have the banks looked for security in these cases? Will the SBCI seek an audit to ensure that no security was sought?More Button

Mr. Ashmore hopes the draw down of funds will be completed by August. If not, the money will be returned to the Department or go back into a black hole. Does he expect the money to be fully dra...More Button

I am not critical in case Mr. Ashmore thinks that. This is one of the most unique schemes that has been introduced for the agricultural community. Given the interest in it, the scheme was close...More Button