Ó Cuív, Éamon

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Select Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine Debate

Animal Health and Welfare Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Continued)

It is unusual to hear the response before we have even made our case. What happens outside this House is of no relevance at committee. A case is being put forward by the movers of the amendments ...More Button

That is a reasonable amendment.

Section 37(3) states: "A person with whom the Minister enters into a service agreement under section 74 may for the purposes of enforcing this...More Button

On a point of order, is it not normal procedure for the proposers of an amendment to speak first, explain their reasons for tabling it and the Minister then to reply?More Button

No. He said the Minister was right to reply first-----More Button

The normal procedure-----More Button

Yes, absolutely.More Button

Yes. In amendment No. 69 I give the wrong reference. It is section 37(3) which states: "A person with whom the Minister enters into a service agreement under section 74 may for the purposes of en...More Button

How can you respond to what you do not know?More Button

In terms of procedure, it has always been the case that when I table an amendment-----More Button

The Minister was responding to points we had not made. He cannot presume we will make a point-----More Button

You seem to-----More Button

If we are not going to follow the normal procedure, I am leaving because there is no point in us being here. If the normal rights given to members of the Opposition who table amendments to a Bill ...More Button

The Chairman has accepted the error.More Button

If it is the Minister's amendment he speaks first.More Button

There are a number of amendments. Let us go back over it again.

I believe amendments Nos. 1 and 4 are needed because some of the other amendments that hinge on them are necessary. In o...More Button

If he was, he would get rid of the crisis in the health service.More Button

Quickly.More Button

If a train ran into cattle and someone thought the animals should be put down, I would put a pound to a penny that the person would know where to get a vet a hell of a lot quicker than to get an au...More Button

The answer to the question should be that if a person is in that much of a rush, any veterinary surgeon should be allowed to order the killing of the animals, or do the killing themselves, rather t...More Button

My colleagues and I have suggested that section 23(2), which states: "If an authorised officer, a veterinary practitioner acting as such" should read: "If an authorised officer acting on the advice...More Button

We must move this issue into the 21st century. I have no problem with an additional clause being inserted indicating that advice can be given on site by telephone or electronic means. One could r...More Button

The same happens in medicine when doctors are not on site. An X-ray can now be viewed online. There are all sorts of ways these things are done. Perhaps the Minister would be willing to re-exami...More Button

We should make an allowance for an authorised officer knowing the vets in his or her area and having their mobile telephone numbers. That is basic information for them to have. Vets are on call 2...More Button

That is 365 days of the year, not for 364 days.More Button

I raised another issue about a risk of disease. The legislation states that an authorised officer, for whom no particular technical qualifications or at least only very general specifications are ...More Button

Yes.More Button

How can somebody without a technical qualification say there is a risk of a disease?More Button

Yes.More Button

Our suggestion is quite simple. A disease could be highly contagious. It might be something else altogether and might not be contagious in any way.More Button

Authorised officers do not carry out farm inspections outside of their normal working hours. They do not do them in the middle of the night.More Button

What happens if an authorised officer went out and saw a farmer but thought there was a disease on the farm? All farmers know that if they see something in an animal the first thing they will do i...More Button

No, it does not.More Button

Yes.More Button

That is a fair point and I accept what the Minister has said except that sections 38(4)(a) and (b) should include the requirement to seek veterinary advice immediately. In other word...More Button

I appreciate that.More Button

On amendment No. 26, it would be useful if the Minister could outline to the committee that hare coursing is legally permissible and there is no proposal to ban it. The use of animals in sporting ...More Button

It would be very useful if we could get a briefing note before the next meeting on the various points in amendment No. 26. The Minister has pointed out that badger culling and the use of wire snar...More Button

Two other issues arise. There is an entire section on the use of hares for blooding greyhounds for greyhound racing. May we have a briefing note on the current state of play and what is allowed i...More Button

Business of Select Committee

Will we have a long session the next day?More Button