Mulcahy, Michael

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs Debate

Denial of the Holocaust: Motion.

I thank Deputy Michael D. Higgins for tabling this motion, which I fully support. It is carefully and comprehensively drafted and states the kind of things I would wish to say about this subject.More Button

I have been and in some ways still am still one of those pressing for a visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran because I feel engagement with people is extremely important. No matter how heinous a ...More Button

When I read about the Holocaust denial conference held in Iran, I immediately contacted the secretary and Chairman of this committee. Notwithstanding members’ very strong desire to travel to...More Button

Deputy Michael D. Higgins, in his motion, does not refer to the proposal of the German Presidency of the European Union to produce legislation addressing Holocaust denial. Such legislation exists ...More Button

While we are all at one on the issue of Holocaust denial, recognising the State of Israel and defending its right to existence, along with that of its neighbouring countries, particularly Palestine...More Button

Proposed US-India Nuclear Agreement: Motion.

Is it in another text?More Button

I am in the happy position of agreeing with every word stated by Deputy Higgins. I have raised this issue consistently during the past two years. I have no problem publicly stating my opposition ...More Button

Not much difference exists between our positions. I must send Deputy Higgins a little gift for stating exactly what I was about to say. However, a problem exists with this motion in that it is to...More Button

When the High Representative of the Indian Government came before the committee, he disappointed us in two major ways. India would not agree to IAEA inspections of its nuclear military facilities ...More Button

The wording of the motion states, “by opposing and not supporting or facilitating such proposals as may be made”. That is incredibly wide and allows the Minister absolutely no discretion. Theoret...More Button

The reality is that the emperor has no clothes. China, the US, Russia, France and Britain re-arm as opposed to disarm. I ask Deputy Michael D. Higgins to consider carefully whether this motion co...More Button

I can see from where the Deputy is coming. If the words “on any basis, exceptional or general” were deleted, it would soften the motion somewhat.More Button