Norris, David P.B., Norris, David

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs Debate

Global Response to HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Discussion with UN.

We have water provided by the State.More Button

I welcome Dr. Piot. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at a conference in Lisbon some years ago and was very impressed. Those were much darker days in the sense that there was no light on th...More Button

I was involved in the very early days before AIDS had been named as a leader in the gay community implementing a programme, when it was illegal under the Indecent Advertisements Act to provide info...More Button

The churches were referred to by Dr. Piot and the Chairman. I am a practising Anglican. I am horrified by the attitudes of all religions. There may be a few positive patches but, by and large, i...More Button

Within my own church, the Anglican archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, is a disgrace. His ignorant views on sexual matters are tolerated because he is black. People are afraid to challenge him ...More Button

Dr. Piot made particular reference to sub-Saharan Africa and Africa in general. Nigeria, the jurisdiction of Archbishop Akinola, has just enacted laws further criminalising not only homosexual beh...More Button

In places where there is an increase in the incidence of HIV infection, including parts of sub-Saharan Africa, we can see the impact of Islam. This meeting will include a consideration of a motion...More Button

How does the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS respond, in its diplomatic role, to the churches on these matters? How can Ireland, a country whose people are only recently released from i...More Button

He did it in his application.More Button

Denial of the Holocaust: Motion.

I was aware of the preparation of the motions by Deputy Higgins and indicated that I would be happy to second them if such a formality was necessary. Everyone else doubtless feels the same.More Button

The motion is appropriate in its timing. Ireland was a signatory of the Stockholm Declaration in 1998 which committed countries to an annual commemoration of the Holocaust. A number of committee ...More Button

None of our hands is clean. Ireland closed its doors, even to the children of the Holocaust, despite the appeals of people such as Deputy Briscoe who was close to Mr. de Valera. The piece I was a...More Button

It was shocking. More Button

It is important that we pass the motion and I commend Deputy Higgins for tabling it. It is particularly important in view of the highly provocative conference held in Tehran. In the note we recei...More Button

I have just received an invitation from the Iranian ambassador to Ireland to a cocktail party in his residence. I intend this afternoon to return it with an accompanying note that I hope he will r...More Button

There is a motion on the Order Paper for the Seanad in my name and that of Senator Ross similar to this one, to which I am confident there will be no opposition. I commend Deputy Higgins for tabli...More Button

Proposed US-India Nuclear Agreement: Motion.

Hear, hear.More Button

Deputy Michael D. Higgins has done this committee a considerable service by putting forward today’s two motions, both of which are extremely important.More Button

The Deputy referred to the contribution made by Dr. Piot. An analogy could be made with Dr. Piot’s work in that one of the insidious aspects of the use of nuclear energy for military purpose...More Button

In this country we have an important historical claim on this treaty. Mr. Frank Aiken promoted it at the United Nations and this is something of which all of us from all parties can be proud. Dep...More Button

My colleagues, including Deputy Durkan, indicated that this arms race has not made that region safer but has destabilised it. In the earlier debate I spoke of my horror at the attitude of certain ...More Button

Deputy Michael D. Higgins was right to point to the moral catastrophe of the fact that so much money is “deflected”, he used this precise word, from doing good for humanity into the pockets of peop...More Button

If we do not limit nuclear proliferation it does not stay static. If we do not maintain the pressure to reduce these weapons and the number of countries that have them, we encourage the attitude t...More Button

I appeal to Deputy Mulcahy, having aired his reservations, not to cause a divisive vote but to follow the tradition of his party and support this motion, which the majority of speakers have endorse...More Button

I am a native speaker.More Button

It is a busted flush in terms of moral authority and its President is discredited.More Button

Can I make a point in response?More Button

He made a very interesting comment that needs to be challenged.More Button

I am very saddened by what has happened here. I remind Senator Mooney that I am the one person on this committee since its foundation without a single break. The strength of this committee is and...More Button

The people around this table have sophistication and a wide range of knowledge, and the committee will be seriously weakened if seen as comprising Government and Opposition sides. It should not be...More Button

The glory of this committee is that on many occasions honourable people from Fianna Fáil or other Government parties have acted in conscience on the type of principles both of these gentleme...More Button

They were very revealing and against the spirit of the committee. Senator Mooney was addressing me directly and I agree he should have addressed me through the Chair.More Button

Hear, hear.More Button