Mooney, Paschal

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs Debate

Global Response to HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Discussion with UN.

I endorse other members’ welcome for Dr. Piot. The first time I became aware of his activities, strangely enough, was in a Hollywood context. I am sure he is aware of the movie “Outbreak”, ...More Button

A question I wised to put to him in the context of this film was whether he believed there is any credibility to the notion that we in the West should be concerned that we no longer hear so much ab...More Button

My experience of efforts to deal with the HIV/AIDS epidemic is based on a visit I made to Zambia 18 months ago as part of an Ireland Aid contingent. I met people being treated with anti-retroviral...More Button

In contrast to the opinions voiced by my friend and colleague, Senator Norris, I found that church workers in Zambia, including those working in the archdiocese of Lusaka, for example, are doing ex...More Button

In his speech in Lusaka, was Dr. Piot making oblique reference to Zambian society and culture? Astonishingly, I found that many women who could have been tested and who would have had access to an...More Button

How can the cultural issue be addressed? For example, I am sure Dr. Piot has seen a billboard in downtown Lusaka for the sale of roof tiles. However, I was astonished to note that it drew a certa...More Button

While I appreciate that time is short, my perception is that although the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS tries to address such issues, there is a gap between its expenditure, agendas an...More Button

Denial of the Holocaust: Motion.

I fully support the motion. When I received it, I asked myself why I did not think of tabling it. Deputy Michael D. Higgins’s timing in doing so is commendable. It is vital that this Parli...More Button

What is happening in Iran is an exact parallel of what happened with Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s. They initially separated a group of people in their country, denigrated them and created an ...More Button

I fully support the motion. The Houses should join in supporting such a motion annually in perpetuity because of the danger presented by conferences of this nature and the opportunity they allow t...More Button

A film, “The SS St. Louis”, was made about that event.More Button

Proposed US-India Nuclear Agreement: Motion.

I am always impressed by and have the greatest respect for Senator Norris’s masterful command of the English language.More Button

The conviction and passion he brought to the argument move one to roll over and agree with everything he said. In addition, I am always in awe of the masterly command of statistics exhibited by my...More Button

What is the Government’s position? It is traditional for there to be a Government response to motions before the House, either in the form of an amendment or support for the motion. There i...More Button

I share Deputy Mulcahy’s view on the wider issue, which is not in any way contradictory. I agree with the sentiments expressed and in an ideal world would fully support everything that has b...More Button

I am stating the facts. President Chavez has decided Venezuela should go nuclear because he wants to take on the big kid on the block. Brazil is also considering going nuclear. The origins of In...More Button

I do not wish to bore committee members but I have no idea of the official Irish position on the motion. As a result, I cannot support it. It is not in any way a criticism of the sentiments expre...More Button

Until I receive a response from the Department of Foreign Affairs, I propose an amendment that the committee defer making a decision on the motion. I am not saying I will vote against it but sugge...More Button

On a point of information, in light of what Deputy Michael D. Higgins has said, could I ask for a comment from him. The next Nuclear Suppliers Group plenary meeting at which decisions can be made ...More Button

I hope Senator Norris understands no misrepresentation and nothing disrespectful was meant in my remarks and I am sorry if that was how he took them.More Button

I know Senator Norris likes a debate and I am delighted to debate with him at all levels and at any time. More Button

This is not my area of expertise but I have serious reservations regarding the wording of the motion, which seems to be locking the Government in a cul-de-sac. If it accepts this motion it will be...More Button