Durkan, Bernard

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs Debate

Proposed US-India Nuclear Agreement: Motion.

My apologies for being absent during part of the meeting, which was due to my attendance at a Committee Stage debate in a different committee.More Button

I support the motion as proposed by Deputy Michael D. Higgins and while I note the argument made by Deputy Mulcahy that its language may be too strong, we have to start somewhere by setting down a ...More Button

Deputy Michael D. Higgins referred to the danger of rogue states. The greater the use and availability of nuclear weapons, the greater the possibility that somebody will use them in a way that fri...More Button

The motion is adequate and the Government would be supported and strengthened if it proceeded along the lines proposed. Doing anything else would represent a failure to fulfil our duty. As Deputy...More Button

The theory was that if everyone is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, nobody will make a move. Unfortunately, that no longer applies because the wider the availability of these weapons, the ...More Button

My remarks are not intended as criticism of the policies of any particular government. I simply believe that Deputy Michael D. Higgins is correct in his assessment that, if the present situation c...More Button

I support the motion because it addresses issues which demand our attention. It is not intended to be a political criticism of individuals.More Button