Daly, Mark

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement Debate

Implications for Good Friday Agreement of UK Referendum Result (Resumed): Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform

As my colleague, Deputy Smith, pointed out, the difficulty about the Dutch Parliament's understanding of our position is that it is not unique. I understand from meetings Fianna Fáil members had w...More Button

I commend the great work done by the Minister in respect of funding. I do not think it was highlighted enough. Many of the organisations would not be aware that a lot of safeguards have been pu...More Button

Colleagues spoke about innovative programmes in terms of what we want and what we should be putting forward in our statement. Part of what we need to look at is trade quotas between the North an...More Button

An issue that is arising in correspondence is analytics. Brexit is a huge project for Ireland. There are so many areas affected. I made a point on that at the previous meeting. Even within Le...More Button

In the event of Britain breaching elements of the Good Friday Agreement, there are opportunities to deal with that. We have signed up to the International Court of Justice. For some reason, how...More Button

I thank the Minister for coming before the committee and for outlining all of the stuff he has been doing in the background on this. It is a huge challenge for the Government and for the country...More Button