Ó Cuív, Éamon

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality Debate

VFM Review of Reserve Defence Force: Discussion with Minister for Defence and RDFRA (Continued)

I will be deputising for Deputy Ó Feargháil.More Button

Who was on the steering committee? In my experience of Departments when they do these VFMs they make sure the steering committee is designed in such a way that they know beforehand what answer the...More Button

That is very different from the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine.More Button

The Minister is absolutely correct. I did not get an opportunity to read the report because as I explained when I came in-----More Button

Does the Minister read all the reports published by every Department all the time?More Button

As the Minister might be aware, this is not my brief.More Button

I thank the Minister for reading out the list of names. It seems extraordinary to me that this VFM is basically the Department and the Army looking at the Department and the Army. Steering commit...More Button

Was the wider good to society in general of the training and discipline involved in being in the reserve defence force taken into account or was a purely utilitarian military view taken of it? M...More Button

There are figures on the summary costs. The training cost for the PDF cadre in 2011 was €16 million. If the Reserve Defence Force were to be abolished this morning, how much of the €23 million ...More Button

We have had enough of this Government.More Button

I did not.More Button

Sorry,-----More Button

I will not take lectures from the Minister.More Button

I will not take lectures from the Minister.More Button

Or insults and cheap jibes.More Button

That is all the Minister is good for. It is a sure sign of weakness.More Button

It is a sure sign of weakness.More Button

It is a sure sign of weakness.More Button

I have one final question.More Button

Could the Minister answer me-----More Button

May I ask one final question?More Button

Was-----More Button

I have read that.More Button

On a point of order, did I raise any question about the terms of reference?More Button

I did not.More Button

In the wider public interest.More Button

That should have been reorganised years ago. The Minister is dead right there. I have no problem with that. My party accepts that.More Button

With regard to the final point made by the Minister, those involved in the day-to-day running of the Army should have dealt with it ages ago. It is very simple and it does not take a huge report t...More Button