Dardis, John

Thursday, 31 May 2001

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 166 Nbr. 20

Order of Business.

The Order of Business is No. 1, motion regarding Mini-CTC signalling project, to be taken without debate; No. 2, Mental Health Bill, 1999 – Second Stage, with the contributions of spokesperso...More Button

Senator Cosgrave asked a question yesterday about the Horse and Greyhound Racing Bill. I understand Report Stage in the Dáil is likely to be taken on 22 June and it should be introduced to t...More Button

What about Killarney?More Button

The mountain stage.More Button

I will attempt to be literate in my reply. Senator Coogan raised the issue of racism, and there were several other issues raised by other Senators. I see no difficulty in having a discussion on the...More Button

Senators O'Toole and Liam Fitzgerald and others spoke of the statement of practice from the Revenue Commissioners. That is a matter for the Commissioners and, as I understand from this morning's ne...More Button

Senators O'Toole, McDonagh, Coghlan and Ó Fearghail spoke about railways and infrastructure in the west. We passed the Transport (Railway Infrastructure) Bill in the House. It would have bee...More Button

Senator O'Meara referred to the Electoral (Amendment) Bill. The reason we are handling it in the way we are and not taking the fourth part today is that there are ongoing inter-party discussions to...More Button

Senator O'Meara also raised the issue of foreign workers. It would be bad if they were not treated in the same way as every other worker. They have that protection under law. If they are not treate...More Button

Child care was also raised by Senator O'Meara and that is a matter that can be discussed. The issue of asylum seekers was raised by Senator Jackman. They are entitled to due process. It is importan...More Button

The matter of education was raised by Senators Jackman, Ridge, Quinn, Farrell and Liam Fitzgerald, both yesterday and today. Senator Jackman spoke of it in the context of autism, which is a narrowe...More Button

Senator Norris spoke about item No. 1 and the sub-committee. The sub-committee is being given the power to send for persons, papers and records. If the sub-committee has decided that is required, t...More Button

Senator Caffrey referred to the referenda. I and the majority of Members in the House, with one or two exceptions, are in favour of the adop tion of the three questions that are being put to the pe...More Button

We note Senator Norris's dissent from the two out of the three, or one out of the three—More Button

—to be more literate.More Button

I thank the Senator for his correction.More Button

Yesterday I said we were descending into the surreal and the same is happening today. We all hope the referendum questions will be carried. On the issue of the turnout, we live in a democracy and i...More Button

The issues which concern Senator Ridge regarding the disruption of traffic due to the Luas line are ones that might be dealt with more appropriately in the forum of the relevant local authorities i...More Button

I am pleased to inform the Senator that there was a garda on duty at the bottom of the Long Mile Road this morning. Something is being done about what is an operational matter for the Garda.More Button

I will bring the matter to the attention of the Minister.More Button

In answer to Senator Quinn's question regarding the EU scoreboard on compliance with EU directives, obviously they should be implemented and I am sure the Government will do so in due course. The S...More Button

Senator Coghlan raised the issue of rail with which I have already dealt. I want to inform Senator Burke that yesterday I addressed the local government Bill which the Taoiseach said yesterday woul...More Button

Senator Liam Fitzgerald spoke about the statement of practice from the Revenue Commissioners, a matter with which I have dealt. I agree with what Senator Mooney said regarding ageism in the workpla...More Button

Mini-CTC Signalling Project: Motion.

I move:More Button

That the Sub-Committee on the Mini-CTC Signalling Project, established by the Joint Committee on Public Enterprise and Transport, shall have the power to send for persons, papers and records.More Button

Mental Health Bill, 1999: Second Stage.

We had ordered an interruption of business at 1 p.m. Will the House conclude Second Stage of the Mental Health Bill by 1.30 p.m.?More Button

Electoral (Amendment) Bill, 2000: Committee Stage.

I will not stretch the Leas-Chathaoirleach's patience.More Button

Speaking as a member of a smaller party—More Button

—and also personally, it has always been my belief that democracy should be as participative as possible – I have said that in all debates on electoral Bills. If one wants to set up the...More Button

People should have to prove their bona fides in terms of their determination to organise and be an active political force, and for that reason the figure of 300 members is a reasonable one. It cou...More Button

Was there a fee involved for signing?More Button