McCarthy, Michael

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht Debate

Electricity Generation and Export: Discussion (Continued)

This meeting will be in public session only. We will deal with the minutes of the previous meeting and outstanding correspondence at our next meeting. Is that agreed? Agreed.
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Thank you, Mr. Cowhig. I invite Mr. D'Arcy to make his presentation on behalf of Bord na Móna.More Button

I thank Mr. D'Arcy and invite Mr. Swords to make Turn 180's opening statement.More Button

How many questions were there?More Button

I ask Ms Doolan to direct her comments through the Chair.More Button

I ask Ms Doolan to, please, finish.More Button

I ask Ms Doolan to, please, finish.More Button

Senator Landy, please allow the witness to respond.More Button

We have spent almost 16 minutes on this round of questions. We must move on.More Button

The Senator may do so before we move to Deputy Stanley.More Button

To whom are these questions directed?More Button

I was to going to ask about AC and DC power lines and stations.More Button

Mr. Swords wants to add a further comment.More Button