Murphy, Catherine

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht Debate

Electricity Generation and Export: Discussion (Continued)

One thing that is causing confusion in the public mind is the number of projects that are taking place at the same time and that a different approach is being taken to each one. There is a presump...More Button

I wish to direct some questions to Element Power. We have spoken about new planning guidelines which are coming on stream. Ideally, what would the witnesses like to see in them? I put this que...More Button

In respect of the approach taken in dealing with each individual land holder in the first instance, while I do not take the climate sceptic approach, many of the points about the process are well...More Button

We have just spoken about the Danish model, where a much more inclusive approach was taken and in which communities had a stake in the project. Is that not an alternative?More Button

It seems to me that the way the industry goes about it almost creates a reaction within communities. The community gain is seen as an afterthought, rather than starting out with getting buy-in fro...More Button

How is the company dealing with people who are objecting or who have serious problems with the proposals?More Button

So essentially the company has a project, it informs people that the project is going to go ahead and then, subject to the project getting planning permission and abiding by the guidelines, it is a...More Button

Why did the company pick the midlands? When I was on Kildare County Council a few years ago, we had a look at wind energy and whether it should be included as a heading on its own in our developme...More Button

I am unsure whether it was the representatives from Element Power or Bord na Móna who said they had landscape architects on board. They are rather hard to hide. Why would they have a landscape ar...More Button

The representatives from Bord na Móna indicated they were surprised that the public consultation - the reverse PPP, as it were - with community involvement did not come through. Did the company pu...More Button

The company cannot factor that in until-----More Button

A project involving 650 or 700 turbines is a sizeable project which would have a major impact. Reference was made to rural communities and planning permission being turned down. I would not be th...More Button

Is there anywhere comparable we could go? If I were to go somewhere tomorrow to look, where could I see something comparable to what is being proposed?More Button

When I asked about looking at something comparable, I meant something comparable rather than one of the projects associated with the deputations. I was thinking about somewhere in Europe.More Button

There are some issues relating to the bogs themselves. Bord na Móna held a briefing in Buswell's Hotel not long ago during which I asked Mr. D'Arcy about the hydrological assessment of the bogs.More Button

In parts of the UK they have done some work on wetlands, trying to make them accumulate floodwaters so that they do not end up very quickly in rivers and then flood towns. Bogs or wetlands can be ...More Button

We held hearings last summer about the climate change legislation and heard some very interesting contributions about the value of mothballing all of our bogs as carbon sinks to offset our obliga...More Button

I believe the report by the National Economic and Social Council, NESC, highlighted the opportunities for wind export. We are very well positioned on the periphery of Europe for what the report su...More Button

I am not a climate change sceptic. With regard to 20% of the €6 billion worth of fossil fuel imported, which is beyond dispute, we are in a very precarious position in being at the end of a pipeli...More Button

What does Mr. Swords hope for in the guidelines?More Button