Flanagan, Luke 'Ming'

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht Debate

Electricity Generation and Export: Discussion (Continued)

I have numerous questions to ask, plus follow-on questions when the delegates respond. I have been here for four hours and 20 minutes and have not yet had an opportunity to ask a single question. ...More Button

My first question is for the representatives of the two energy companies. They might be aware of the Bill that is down for First Stage on the Dáil Order Paper. It was originally tabled by Deputy ...More Button

It would create a situation in which the set-back distances would increase by ten times, up to 1.8 km. It would also place the public on a more equal footing in the context of fighting against any...More Button

The amount of money that would accrue to the area was mentioned. Has an analysis been carried out in respect of the damage that would be done to existing and future tourism potential if a 1,000 ...More Button

The core difficulty in respect of this matter, yet again, seems to relate to the fact that a decide-act-defend, DAD, attitude has been taken in the context of the development of the process. Ear...More Button

Numerous reassurances have been offered but Ms Doolan blew everything apart when she indicated how she had found out about what was taking place. She discovered what was happening when it was po...More Button

What is being suggested and what our guests from Bord na Móna are doing is not going to work with the way they are going about it. The worst aspect of their earlier presentation was the lecture ...More Button

The position on targets has changed. We no longer have our own targets and there is now an overall target. When the interconnector is built, who will get the credit for it? Will Britain get th...More Button

It is not necessarily the best decision in the world. We are making such decisions on the basis of desperation. This is because we have to pay back to Britain the money we supposedly received fro...More Button

With respect, did Mr. D'Arcy not think that we might know about global warming? There was no need to feed information on the matter to us as if we were babies.More Button

I also mentioned the potential for a Bill that would provide for a tenfold increase in the set-back distance.More Button

What would be the result of that?More Button

I heard Mr. D'Arcy's earlier answer and I did not think it answered my question, which is why I asked it again. Do the witnesses have figures on what the impact of that would be? This is a fairly...More Button

Can I get an indication that is more accurate than the word "significant"? One's man significant is another man's insignificant.More Button

My question is one to which there is a yes-or-no answer.More Button

I have one question, to which I would like to hear whether the answer is "Yes" or "No". Can the witnesses confirm whether these projects will be covered by the strategic development initiative? I...More Button

Will it be covered? Does Mr. O'Donovan know that?More Button