Corcoran Kennedy, Marcella

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht Debate

Electricity Generation and Export: Discussion (Continued)

I thank the representatives of Bord na Móna, Element Power and Turn 180 for coming. This is the second day of our hearings. Before Christmas, we heard from the Lakelands Wind Farm Information Gro...More Button

I have some questions on how wind energy supplies for export will be transmitted to the United Kingdom. There is the east-west interconnector between Ireland and Wales. Do Bord na Móna and Elem...More Button

I refer to land agreements with Coillte. Coillte has a lot of land in natural heritage areas and special areas of conservation. How much of it is suitable for wind energy generation, considerin...More Button

Have the two energy companies conducted cost benefit analyses of how this project will be advanced? A number of speakers referred to the requirement for backup by fossil fuels. Communities have...More Button

There are queries about the option agreements being presented to local communities. Are we looking at lease or options agreements? What is the ratio between them and what is their duration?More Button

The Aarhus Convention has been mentioned. What is the energy companies' understanding of their responsibilities under the convention? While there has been a degree of consultation, the fact tha...More Button

Why are the midlands more suitable for providing onshore wind energy than other places? I would not have thought that the middle of Ireland was a good spot for wind speeds. Are the structures so ...More Button

In the presentation from Element Power we learned that the number of turbines in the midlands and Kerry is 750. Although the number of turbines is the same, are the heights of the turbines in Ke...More Button

Both the energy companies.More Button

We have to try to realise what benefits will result apart from energy security and the impact on climate change.More Button

The energy companies involved in wind power generation have already made a significant investment in the projects. What will happen if energy policy changes and the proposed projects do not procee...More Button

On the option agreements that will be signed for areas that do not feature on county development plan maps, is the idea behind this to provide an enhanced package for potential future asset manag...More Button

Will the delegates explain the position on subsidies for wind energy versus fossil fuels? What benefits will the companies gain from these subsidies and who will provide them? Will the Irish Go...More Button

I was interested in the statement from Element Power that taxpayers would not incur costs. Will the representatives of Element Power confirm that taxpayers will not be required to foot any of th...More Button

I was interested in the comments made on the community gain issue. Has either Bord na Móna or Element Power considered taking a slightly different approach, for example, providing an investment bo...More Button

On Turn 180, I am interested in the delegates' thoughts on the increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and whether this is having an impact on climate change.More Button

On the amount of fuels we are importing to generate electricity, are the delegates concerned that Ireland is an island that is susceptible to the vagaries of world events which could leave us vul...More Button

The delegates referred to hydroelectricity. Have Bord na Móna and Element Power considered the option of ocean energy? Do they have a policy on that energy source? More Button

The potential of hydraulic fracturing or fracking is being widely discussed. Would fracking be a good idea in terms of Ireland's energy independence?More Button

On the question mentioned by Mr. Caulfield regarding hedge funds, is a hedge fund involved in this somewhere along the line?More Button