Cowen, Barry

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht Debate

Electricity Generation and Export: Discussion (Continued)

I thank the troika of speakers for their presentations, pardon the pun. We import 88% of our energy, mainly gas and oil. In 2009 we set renewable energy targets of 16% for gross final consumption...More Button

Mr. Caulfield mentioned areas such as Tarbert and Lumcloon, which are on the Commission for Energy Regulation, CER's to-do list regarding the provision of energy into the renewable and electricit...More Button

The big issue is that there is massive new technology and larger wind turbines are being contracted at a lower elevations than was previously the case. Everybody seems to agree that the guidelin...More Button

Mr. D'Arcy and I know that Bord na Móna, in its history, was one of the main drivers of the midlands economy, particularly in my county of Offaly. It had to evolve and meet changing demands, alt...More Button

There is talk of the benefits of value-added jobs but the numbers cannot be quantified now. Both governments have entered into a memorandum of understanding about the export of electricity from ...More Button

The new proper planning guidelines must be put in place. I hear the benefits that can accrue to localities, communities and local authorities. They would be great and most welcome and they woul...More Button

We must ask some real and honest questions and I would like to hear the opinions of those before us today in answering those questions honestly. They might take stock of where they are regarding...More Button

Do the witnesses agree that the existing guidelines are outdated as they stand? For example, in my county, Offaly, we devised a strategy in 2009 supported by areas of designation for consideration...More Button

Do the witnesses agree that all counties should have wind energy strategies within their remit as part of their county development plans? Do they believe and acknowledge that those development p...More Button

I asked six questions.More Button

Does Mr. Cowhig think it is fair, right or proper, considering what he has just said, that there are a large-scale applications in the planning process which some might argue seek to take advantage...More Button

It is vice versa, to be fair.More Button