Stanley, Brian

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht Debate

Electricity Generation and Export: Discussion (Continued)

I welcome the three delegations. I come from County Laois, in the constituency of Laoighis-Offaly, and many wind turbines are planned for the area, and some have already been erected. It is a maj...More Button

I will direct my questions first to the Element Power representatives. Are we throwing all our eggs in one basket? It seems to be a questionable means of generating power as it is intermittent ...More Button

There has been much discussion of how we are meeting our renewable energy targets and reducing greenhouse gases. This committee has put in much work on a related report, and nobody wants to see ...More Button

The structure height is to be 185 m and I do not have a problem with modest wind farms properly located as part of meeting our renewable energy targets. The size of what is proposed is absolutel...More Button

I travelled a road the other night which I had not used for four or five months. It was dark and because it is a rural area, there is only so much that can be seen. The road is smashed into bit...More Button

I have a few questions for the representatives of Bord na Móna. They said that they do not have a problem with local councillors designating matters in the county development plans. In Laois and ...More Button

The other question is about the entire alternative energy sector, where there is use of biomass, peat and wind. We only have a short time so perhaps the representatives would give brief answers....More Button

With regard to height, there is a maximum height beyond what is reasonable. As some speakers have said today, planning is about a balance and what is reasonable. Some buildings that were propos...More Button

My final question for the representatives of Bord na Móna is about undergrounding cables, Grid25 and the debate about pylons as opposed to the underground option. Bord na Móna, like Element Powe...More Button

The group called Turn 180 raised some valid concerns. Does it completely oppose wind farms? What is the alternative? Is nuclear power an alternative? What is the alternative if fossil fuel beco...More Button

I have a few questions on climate change. Does Turn 180 not see climate change happening and think we do not need to replace or stop generating electricity using fossil fuels? Mr. Swords made t...More Button

That is fine, but I am asking Mr. Swords whether he is saying that global temperatures have not increased in the past 50 years. I hope that they have not increased but everyone else is telling me ...More Button