Landy, Denis

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht Debate

Electricity Generation and Export: Discussion (Continued)

I welcome the three groups. I do not know why Ms Doolan has spent money on a planning consultant. She is able to do it herself.More Button

There is no rush to make decisions on the issue of sustainability, as everyone involved in energy supply agrees that we have done enough to take us to 2030, even if we were to do nothing else. I a...More Button

Today I heard the CEO of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, SEAI, speak about the savings derived from sustainable energy production. A figure of €1 billion was mentioned. When I had ...More Button

This feeds into my concern about some of the figures thrown out by others at this meeting when addressing the genuine questions ordinary people like Ms Doolan, others and I want answered. I supp...More Button

Bord na Móna is proposing to install between 300 and 350 turbines in the Bog of Allen, each of which will be 190 m tall. It referred in great detail to its concern about communities. These turb...More Button

Peak demand is 5,000 MW. If we are to go ahead with everything that is in the pipeline, we will have between 2,000 MW and 3,500 MW of wind energy per annum. As we have already hit our target of...More Button

My apologies. I will couch my next question properly. Mr. D'Arcy has stated words to the effect that we could average out our requirements between countries. That is news to me.More Button

Yes, but we and other countries still have targets to meet. Will Mr. D'Arcy clarify that point?More Button

When it was put to Mr. Brian Motherway, CEO of the SEAI, today that between 25 MW and 28 MW would be generated from wind energy, he replied that we would never reach that target and that most of ...More Button

When Mr. D'Arcy's organisation made a presentation to us across the road in Buswell's Hotel a number of months ago, it told us that one of the reasons its project was sustainable, as opposed to t...More Button

Mr. Cowhig stated he would underground his network. Will he confirm that none of the Grid25 build which will cost the taxpayer €2.3 billion will carry any of Element Power's electricity? This i...More Button

Can the idea of guaranteed prices be squared with the fact that American energy policy has been changed completely? America has moved towards fracking.More Button

The inconceivable has happened. The Americans are now exporting coal to Poland. Apparently it is cheaper for them to do that than use the coal themselves. We are being asked to believe that the ...More Button

I would like to see those who are part of the strategic alliance - namely, Bord na Móna, Element Power and Mainstream Renewable Power - provide us with a map of this country on which are marked a...More Button

As I understand it Element Power will not be using the grid but will, in terms of export, be using some of the power it produces in this country. Will Element Power be using the grid in any sense ...More Button

Is Mr. Cowhig saying he will not respond to my other questions?More Button

With respect, Mr. Cowhig is here to answer the questions that members of the committee wish to put to him.More Button

If the UK does not sign the export agreement, will this hamper or jeopardise the price that Element Power expects to get?More Button

I thank Mr. Cowhig.More Button

Is it a partnership?More Button

Does that include the two companies I mentioned that have lands adjoining?More Button

Can Mr. D'Arcy confirm that they have been considered?More Button

That is fine. It is important that we know that.More Button

I can clarify that if Mr. D'Arcy would like me to do so.More Button

I was asked by Mr. D'Arcy to clarify something.More Button

Mr. D'Arcy is representing Bord na Móna, of which the Government is the largest shareholder. The Government and Bord na Móna are responsible to the taxpayer.More Button