Keane, Cáit

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht Debate

Electricity Generation and Export: Discussion (Continued)

I thank the witnesses for a very interesting debate. They are very welcome. I agree that the people are the most important concern. It is important they are given the factual information from bo...More Button

The only coverage was for the negative bit – that there was a protest outside against wind turbines. There was nothing about what happened inside Dublin Castle. It is necessary to put the entire ...More Button

New designs for wind turbines come on-stream all the time. One design has an apron hood that reduces the height of the turbine while increasing capacity by 30%. I have not seen any company come...More Button

I also wish to inquire about access to the grid for the wind that is produced. On 17 December 2013 a total of 50% of energy consumption was generated by wind energy. That sounds great but it do...More Button

I am coming around. I am a proponent of wind energy and renewable energy. I am also a proponent of ensuring we have all the facts on the table for every type of energy production. Reference was ...More Button

We have an abundance of wind in Ireland. We export beef, fish and other products without anyone decrying that. When we start to export wind, there is a big singsong about it. Could one of the ...More Button

For the record, it is not a Government Deputy who has the Bill before the Dáil. I think it was stated that it was a Government Deputy.More Button

On that point, I acknowledge there must be a shift from fossil fuels to renewable and environmentally friendly energy. As for the new designs, however, the new designs I have seen result in them b...More Button

It is not into the future at all; it is there.More Button

Mr. Caulfield did not count the Vice Chairman in that number.More Button