O'Donnell, Marie-Louise

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Joint Committee on Education and Social Protection Debate

Possible Reconfiguration of Schools: Edmund Rice Schools Trust (Continued)

I have no questions. I am more confused now than I was when I came in today. I am extremely confused.More Button

No.More Button

It is getting worse by the minute.More Button

Not overnight, I hope.More Button

How Christian were they?More Button

Mr. Bennett is making a very interesting point, because many of those schools are now derelict. Many of them have nobody in them and many of them have had to pay significant moneys to keep older m...More Button

It got better as it went along.More Button

Recent Closures of English Language Schools: Discussion (Continued)

I think what has happened to these students is disgraceful. This may be the greatest swindle I have come across in some time. Delegates from the Department of Education and Skills will come befor...More Button

How long has ICOS been in existence?More Button

Where is the organisation based?More Button

How is ICOS funded?More Button

International students do not pay a stipend to ICOS.More Button

ICOS does not get State funding.More Button

Were any of the colleges involved in this issue members of ICOS?More Button

Do any other international colleges, such as International House, make payments to ICOS?More Button

How do international students access and make use of the services of ICOS?More Button

How and when did ICOS come to know of the lack of regulation in this area? Some of these colleges have played fast and loose.More Button

What did ICOS do about the issue? Exactly how long was it aware of the problem?More Button

So for the last five years ICOS was aware of the issue that has recently come to our attention.More Button

When did ICOS and the Departments of Justice and Equality and Education and Skills begin to know that something was wrong?More Button

I know that. I am just asking Mr. Moore questions to which I would like to obtain some answers. I am extremely aware that the council is represented on the task force that has been charged with t...More Button

I am just wondering how and when it was established that a problem existed.More Button

Yes.More Button

Did Mr. Moore have an inkling in advance that there was something amiss or did it all just suddenly happen one day?More Button

So ICOS has been highlighting issues with the Government and the Departments of Education and Skills and Justice and Equality over a period of years.More Button

To whom did ICOS make representations?More Button

Are the representations made by ICOS documented?More Button

I accept that ICOS is represented on the task force charged with cleaning up this mess. In his initial contribution, Mr. Moore stated, "The key question for ICOS at this time is not what led to th...More Button

Loose regulation, improper accreditation and the other elements that constituted the perfect storm did not just come into being last week or the week before. The key question is what led to the ...More Button

They were obviously not understood.More Button

But that realisation should not have come about yesterday. It should have been arrived at last year or in the preceding three years. This is the tragedy. What is being stated now is that we are ...More Button

If the students involved were issued with visas, then that implies State responsibility. In that context, therefore, students would have assumed that there was some form of regulatory authority ...More Button

I am on Mr. Moore's side.More Button

ICOS is still here in a representative capacity and it is a member of the task force.More Button

Can I take issue with-----More Button

I want to take issue with something Deputy Daly said. I advise the Deputy that I am not being destructive; rather, I am being highly constructive because what we do much of time in Ireland is move...More Button

-----for a qualitative educational language structure and did not get it.More Button

I wanted to take issue with that. I am seeking to be constructive, not destructive.More Button

That is a university fee.More Button

Two weeks, accommodation-----More Button

-----until Mr. Mateus Francio found his own accommodation.More Button

I thank Mr. Francio. I am sorry his experience was so bad. I hope the situation will be rectified in some way. Does Mr. Moore think the Government is doing enough to assist in the situation? It...More Button

I understand the international register but in one way it can be a red herring and the Government could be hiding behind it, because it is up to each state to regulate. International registers are...More Button

It is for language schools.More Button