O'Connell, Kate

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Joint Committee on Health Debate

National Maternity Strategy: Discussion (Resumed)

I am sure the witnesses do not have to think too much about the last question.More Button

The statistics provided by the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists indicate 36% of women attending ante-natal services in Ireland have no 20-week scan. Could the level of potential adv...More Button

On post-natal depression and breastfeeding, I was privileged enough to be a private patient in the Coombe for my three children but on my last child, there was no private bed available and I was ...More Button

Are there better pre-conception regimes in place in other countries and do the witnesses have any data regarding how this transfers to birth defect rates and mental health outcomes and breastfeed...More Button

On supports for public patients in the hospitals, maybe it is different in Cork and in other hospitals but I was handed what appeared to be a typed pink document and was told to go to a breastfee...More Button

On the correlation between home births and breastfeeding, we were given a figure of 99.9% but I imagine we could drill down into that data more, that is, that women who choose a home birth are pe...More Button

On rural service users, we referred to the mastership model and clinical directors being appointed and to how birth defects do not happen only to people in risk situations. How can we say it is ...More Button

I was 30 years of age when I had my first child but the defect he had was more likely in teen pregnancies. If I had not had a 20-week scan and if I was in a rural hospital, my first child probab...More Button

Someone mentioned there were no mother and baby units. What happens? Does the mother go into a psychiatric unit and the baby go somewhere else? I did not know this happened. Could this be spe...More Button

In France, every unit has a perinatal psychologist. Have we any data about outcomes for families and mothers? If we had one, would we get better breastfeeding and better experiences for families?More Button

On post-natal depression, I am a community pharmacist but I would like to hear the witnesses experience of this, which would be far greater than mine. However, I have come across women with post...More Button

My understanding was that public health nurses had to have a midwifery qualification but I am obviously wrong because the witnesses are shaking their heads. If we were to move towards having a m...More Button

I asked about women avoiding visits to their general practitioner with post-natal depression because of the likelihood that they will be prescribed a medication.More Button

In terms of the outcomes for families in cases where money has been paid for a catastrophic incident at birth who have to deal with a child with a defect for the rest of their lives that was caused...More Button

In terms of the success of the national cancer strategy, this committee is exploring universal access from the start. I am told that in Cork there is no major benefit to being a private patient. ...More Button