Broughan, Thomas P.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 701 Nbr. 4

Order of Business.

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Priority Questions - Road Network.

Asked the Minister for Transport: if he will report on the 2010 funding allocation for the maintenance and upgrading of non-national and regional roads; if the €730 million allocation to local authorities for the maintenance o...More Button

While I accept the €1.1 billion as a total figure, did the Minister not slash the road maintenance figure by €325 million, or one third? In this year of all years following the flooding ...More Button

They told us they were in the dark. More Button

They have no choice. More Button

I have three brief final points. When will the Minister announce the budget for the regional roads? The Minister will agree that he will be forever known as the “Minister for snow”. Since the ca...More Button

Finally, regarding road safety and N17, for example, besides a small amount of funding the NRA has announced this year, when will the full works on that road be carried out in Galway and Mayo? Whe...More Button

Deputy Dempsey is known as the “Minister for snow”. Previously he was known as the “Minister for e-machines”. More Button

That was because the Minister, Deputy Dempsey, was not around. More Button

What about householders?More Button

Priority Questions - Road Signage.

Asked the Minister for Transport: if he has reviewed the European Safety Council’s briefing, Setting Appropriate, Safe, and Credible Speed Limits; his views on the new 30 km/h speed limit for Dublin city and whether this limi...More Button

Priority Questions - Departmental Bodies.

Public servants.More Button

Other Questions - Departmental Bodies.

On behalf of the Labour Party I proposed that the members of the National Transport Authority should be elected by the people in the local elections. People could then wear their party colours if ...More Button

I address this question to the Leas-Cheann Comhairle. I have had about 140 or 150 questions ruled out in the past year and a half which related to agencies such as the National Transport Authority...More Button

It is very frustrating.More Button

First, we heard yesterday that the heads of the Bill for the election of a Dublin mayor, the mayor of the four counties of Dublin, will be brought forward this year. What is the current position? ...More Button

Second, what is the current status of the National Transport Authority? How many staff has it got currently? I am aware the website is operating, its functions are set out, and Mr. Murphy invited...More Button

In that context, what is the current status of the taxi commission? Has the taxi commission effectively been abolished, with the National Transport Authority now the regulator of taxis?More Button

There would be two chairs.More Button

In that case it will be a farce.More Button

It will be just like the old days, with John Fitzgerald telling the mayor what to do. I lived through that. It was a total farce.More Button

The Green Party got its portion.More Button

Other Questions - Road Network.

What is the exact role given to the National Roads Authority by the Minister for the management of non-national roads? The authority seems to fall between the local authorities and the Minister. ...More Button

(Interruptions).More Button

It is in silent mode.More Button

Will 2010 be the end of the further development of the inter-urban routes? Will Sligo, Letterkenny, Donegal, Westport and Wexford be allowed go without being part of an inter-urban network?More Button

The Toyota motor corporation has recalled several million of its cars, including the Prius, the official car for the Ministers for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and Communications,...More Button

It is related to road safety.More Button

Their official cars are Prius. Some of us are concerned that these Green Ministers might be in danger. Are they safe with their sticky pedals and other problems with the Prius? Will the Minister...More Button

As if we really care about them anyway.More Button

Will the NRA carry out a performance audit of the local authorities?More Button

The Minister said that in 2002, some eight years ago.More Button

These parliamentary questions were tabled before the Toyota recall.More Button

I want to make this point to the Minister for Transport. I am a Toyota driver. Has the Minister given any consideration to calling in the Irish Toyota franchise, as the American and English autho...More Button

It is never the Minister’s responsibility.More Button

Other Questions - Public Transport.

Asked the Minister for Transport: the 2010 public service obligation allocation for Bus Éireann; the position regarding the recommendations by a company (details supplied) on Bus Éireann; if he has been briefed by Bus...More Button

Would the Minister agree again that the Deloitte report on Bus Éireann stated that there was little scope for savings and that the company was largely efficient, after a rigorous examination...More Button

The Minister and his Green Party colleagues — it is shameful of the Green Party in Government — have slashed the national bus service. There is a plethora of such important routes: No....More Button

I repeat I do not agree with the approach of Fine Gael on this matter. The bus licensing Act is there for anybody who wants to put forward proposals to the National Transport Authority, but I do n...More Button

I received many letters from around the country of people who are so upset by this. In one, from Lifford in Donegal, a constituent writes that she and her daughter with Down’s syndrome used ...More Button

That is what we have ended up with due to the Minister’s action. Do not land this on to the Bus Éireann management. It is the Minister who cut the subsidy in real terms, who slashed ...More Button

Fine Gael is no help to the Minister on this because if that party was in power, we would have no national bus service.More Button

The Minister is responsible. The Minister, Deputy Gormley, and the disgraceful Green Party are equally responsible. They are hypocrites.More Button

That is just one example.More Button

There are hundreds.More Button

The Minister read out the reports of the number of passengers on different routes. Did he know about the 100 routes before Bus Éireann put any proposals to its workforce and did he make any...More Button

Other Questions - Transport 21.

Many people were glad to see the beginning of the outline tendering process for DART underground starting today. Has the 2004-14 light rail investment strategy been totally shelved by the Governme...More Button

In regard to Luas, what is happening to line D and Broadstone? At what stage is that? At what stage is the Lucan Luas, a major project the Railway Procurement Agency is progressing?More Button

The Minister referred to DART underground and metro north. What is the current status of the two final bids for metro from the Celtic Metro Group and Metro Express? I do not expect the Minister t...More Button

We have been getting ready for the big dig at College Green. Has the Minister had any meetings recently with the Dublin city manager, John Tierney, and the other stakeholders in order to progress ...More Button

Private Members’ Business - Public Service Remuneration: Motion (Resumed).

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Finance Bill 2010: Second Stage (Resumed).

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Drug Rehabilitation and Youth Services.

I thank the Ceann Comhairle for finally allowing me to raise this important issue in the House.More Button

The Rehabilitation and Support Programme, RASP, is an outstanding community-based anti-drugs programme based in north Coolock, Dublin 17. Sphere 17 is a local youth service catering for young peop...More Button

RASP is led by chairperson Mr. Kevin Behan and CEO Mr. Pat Hanna, and was originally sponsored by the Moatview/Fairfield Development Association in Priorswood, Dublin 17. In 2000, it was mainstrea...More Button

RASP operates a successful multi-disciplinary approach to assist citizens who have suffered from addiction. The programme helps approximately 20 clients at a time and its administration is facilit...More Button

Sphere 17 — Regional Youth Service is based in the landmark Darndale Belcamp Village Centre, Dublin 17 and has three different youth work teams covering the parishes of Bonnybrook, Darndale a...More Button

The range of high quality services Sphere 17 provides for local young people in Dublin 17 is extraordinary and includes educational, health, art, drug outreach and counselling programmes as well as...More Button

Last year, Sphere 17 worked in total with more than 1,500 local young people, an increase of 400 on the previous year. It received a range of funding from the City of Dublin Youth Services Board, ...More Button

Axing RASP and the Sphere 17 anti-drugs programmes and initiatives to combat anti-social and criminal behaviour will leave very vulnerable citizens at the mercy of drug dealers and may potentially ...More Button

A few weeks ago at the Committee of Public Accounts of which I am a member, I was astonished to be told by Ms Kathleen Stack of the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, which has r...More Button

The plans to cut funding to Sphere 17 and RASP is also another savage attack on a community that is already under very severe pressure. Many local people are reeling from the job losses — th...More Button

I urge the Minister of State to go back to his colleagues to try to secure necessary funding for RASP and Sphere 17 and not put these brilliant projects, which represent and look after young peopl...More Button

Written Answers - Weather Emergencies.

Asked the Minister for Transport: if he has instigated a Departmental review of the contingency procedures in place to deal with the effect of the weather conditions on the national road and public transport systems in view of the ...More Button