Collins, Michael

Tuesday, 20 December 1921

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. T Nbr. 7


In regard to this question of punctuality, everybody here knows that I am in my place every morning. I suggest that we ought to appoint somebody who would do duty as Sergeant-at-Arms and get the M...More Button

As we are on a matter like that, it might be well if another Deputy would withdraw the remark he made with regard to the coalition between Downing Street and the Delegation (hear, hear).More Button

I suggest we should agree on the adjournment; on the time when the closure will be.More Button

Excuse me, I was only making the suggestion that if we cannot agree to a closure at about mid-day on Thursday, then we should, if necessary, adjourn over Christmas. The point is that if we are to h...More Button

There is no such suggestion. To-morrow evening to adjourn until after Christmas would be the wisest plan.More Button

The House adjourned until eleven o'clock next morning.More Button