Murphy, Catherine

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Freedom of Information Bill 2013: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

The first principle underlying freedom of information is that public information does not belong to the Government nor to State agencies but to the public. Governments and State agencies work on b...More Button

People often complain that politics is very inaccessible. That is the case even for those of us who are elected to this House. Very often Government is quite inaccessible in terms of determinin...More Button

I appreciate that many of the provisions of the original 1997 Act are restored with this legislation, provisions which were disgracefully taken out or altered, in particular those concerning the ...More Button

If one looks at how Ireland compares internationally, it is clear that we have an opaque system of Government which was inherited from the British model. It was our exposure to the continental s...More Button

The reality is that the transparent approach continues to be resisted at every level of administration from local government to central government and from the Civil Service to State agencies. Thi...More Button

The Cabinet operates under absolute confidentiality, which is extremely stringent. While I accept that in many cases maintaining Cabinet secrecy is in the national interest and can result in eff...More Button

Some of these things will have to change in future - for example, the protection of advice from the Attorney General. The Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Environment, Community and Local Gover...More Button

It is very annoying when one comes in here to make a contribution that there is only the Minister and one other Member, and one is not listened to. I and others put a bit of effort into our cont...More Button

With regard to the way we will deal with legislation in the future, including scrutiny of the heads of Bills at a pre-legislative stage, the joint committee spent three days at hearings on the cl...More Button

The regulation of lobbyists is contained in another Bill, but there are two sides to lobbying. It is equally important that those who are being lobbied be subject to some scrutiny.More Button

Dr. Nat O’Connor of TASC has shown that the fees regime for freedom of information does not lead to any cost recovery, as the cost of administering the fees more than absorbs this. The regime is...More Button

Genealogy is an area that has been of personal interest to me for a long time, and I have done a lot of work with regard to my own family. There are particular things in this legislation that co...More Button

Has the Minister of State seen the site? It is an insult and he should not defend it. We could do better than that. I cannot stress strongly enough that we need to amend the legislation to deal ...More Button

There is no definition of genealogy in the Bill, and that is a problem. That definition needs to go in. Section 37 protects personal information from third-party access and that is my point. I d...More Button

I can table an amendment but it would be better if the Government tabled it. Regarding exempt and partly exempt agencies, NAMA has been raised. People feel an overly cautious approach is being ta...More Button

I welcome that there are some changes regarding the Garda Síochána, for example in human resources. On a more strategic level there is a very unequal distribution of resources around the country...More Button

At local government level where, say, a third party makes a submission regarding a county development plan and the county manager makes a decision on it, the third party has no right to an explan...More Button

There are positive measures in this legislation and I welcome them. There are a lot of get-out-of-jail provisions in this which are not needed. I will propose some amendments on Committee Stage.More Button

Fiscal Policy

Asked the Minister for Finance: if the stated goals of his Department include creating a resilient Irish economy founded on sustainable and balanced growth and leading to significant increases in employment numbers; if he shares ...More Button

If Ireland, with its small, open economy, is to have an export market, the United States and European Union economies must be doing well. Dr. Ashoka Mody said it is not just a case of having prude...More Button

The Minister gave us a list of what the Government is doing. Does he share our concerns? Has he carried out a risk assessment on long-term unemployment? It is a critical factor in terms of the...More Button

I do not dispute that there has been a net improvement in the number of jobs. Some of the jobs, however, are part-time jobs. Some people who were formerly on the register are not counted as unemp...More Button

Would the Minister pay particular attention to advice or concerns expressed by a person such as Dr. Mody given his involvement in the original programme and with the IMF?More Button

NAMA Property Sales

Asked the Minister for Finance: the reason no effort was made on his part under section 14 of the National Asset Management Agency Act, or other similar provisions of that Act, to delay the sale of lands by the National Asset Man...More Button