Byrne, Thomas

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Heritage Bill 2016 [Seanad]: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

I do not propose to.More Button

It is not necessary because there is no guillotine.More Button

It is no disrespect to my colleague.More Button

I am just saying we will all get time.More Button

I have been waiting some time to speak on the Heritage Bill. The idea this Bill, in particular section 7, is about road safety is a complete and utter fraud. If it were to do with road safety, ...More Button

The provisions put forward originally in the Seanad would have allowed hedge-cutting in August at a time when many birds are still using hedgerows to nest. The yellowhammer, which has a strong p...More Button

On the first day of law school, one is told if a measure has to be changed, it is because there was a mischief or something was wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with the existing regulation...More Button

There was significant debate and ill feeling towards this legislation in the Seanad. There was also much debate in my party. I pay tribute to my colleague, Deputy Ó Cuív, who steered the debate...More Button

The Bill was originally introduced as a fraudulent measure with the claim road safety reasons required it. The fraud continued and got worse. After much debate in the Seanad, an amendment was f...More Button

As I see it, the new section 7 essentially removes the local authority as an arbiter of whether a road safety issue exists and makes the process self-regulatory. That is the fraud. That is certai...More Button

I am not making the case that road safety should be of lesser importance. It should be of huge importance. I am not making the case that we should make life difficult for our farmers. We shoul...More Button

We have a huge issue in this country. In my experience, farmers are the biggest supporters and are the most understanding and knowledgeable about biodiversity and species, but the understanding,...More Button

I will be totally honest. Burning is not an issue to which I have given huge consideration personally. It does not happen too much around where I live but there were some high-profile cases thi...More Button

I do not normally speak so passionately about many of these issues but I am passionate about protecting our biodiversity and I believe I represent a substantial portion of the population of this ...More Button

I know the European Commission has been notified about requirements for the habitats directive and the birds directive. They are serious issues that have been brought up by serious people and of...More Button

If Deputy Breathnach is ready and has enough time, I will share the remainder of my time with him.More Button