Boyd Barrett, Richard

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

The Paradise Papers, so-called, or what I think should more accurately be described as the parasite papers, reveal a nexus of elite, super-wealthy individuals, banks and corporations, such as Apple...More Button

I want to ask why it is that the Taoiseach, Deputy Leo Varadkar, when he was Minister for Social Protection, using public money, ran a nasty, unfounded campaign about welfare cheats. Where is th...More Button

It is absolutely true.More Button

Is it a coincidence that Deputy Enda Kenny met the CEO of Apple in January of 2014 at the same time that outrage was being expressed and pressure was coming on the issue of the double Irish? Then,...More Button

It is too much of coincidence. Where is the investigation? Where is the outrage? Where is the campaign against these super-wealthy tax dodgers who are robbing the people of this country and the...More Button

Not a word from the Taoiseach when he met Mr. Tim Cook recently in the United States about the aggressive tax avoidance of Apple.More Button

We are probably going to be investigated by the EU for a second time. This will be on top of the investigation into the €13 billion tax dodged by Apple in the double Irish scam. Commissioner Vest...More Button

-----what happened, what Deputy Noonan did in 2014 to change the tax code and the restructuring of Apple's tax arrangements as regards the Isle of Man. The Government will not even take the €13 bi...More Button

-----the beneficial ownership of deposits. The figures are stunning. After this tax break was introduced by Deputy Noonan benefitting Apple and other corporations, tax breaks on intangible assets...More Button

That is hundreds of millions, if not billions, of euro in tax revenue lost as a direct result of what Deputy Noonan did in 2014.More Button

Where is the outrage? Where is the investigation? Where is the campaign on buses-----More Button

-----paid for with public money asking people whether they want to deal with these tax dodgers who are cheating us all?More Button

As long as Apple agrees.More Button

Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill 2016 Report: Motion [Private Members]

May I make a suggestion on that?More Button

The arrangements would only allow for seven slots.More Button

The Government and the committee have 50 minutes between them.More Button

They have 30 minutes between them to begin and then a further ten minutes each at the end. That leaves only 70 minutes for the rest of us.More Button

That is precisely my point. I suggest we change that and make them five-minute slots.More Button

The Leas-Cheann Comhairle need not worry, we will fill the time.More Button

What are we doing?More Button

Five minutes. And will everybody be allowed speak?More Button

Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill 2016 Report: Motion [Private Members] (Continued)

Two.More Button

I appeal to the Government to drop its opposition to the Bill proceeding to Committee Stage. It is not too late to change its position. I welcome the engagement with Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin ove...More Button

The Health Products Regulatory Authority is not an expert body either.More Button

When members of the joint committee asked representatives of the HPRA what specific expertise they had in the area of medicinal cannabis, the answer they gave was "None".More Button

David Finn, a professor of pharmacology at NUI Galway who has studied medicinal cannabis for 16 years, stated the decision to leave chronic pain out of the Minister's compassionate access programme...More Button

I do not know why the Minister is shaking his head. He should read the Barnes report and stop interrupting me. He spoke earlier and will have more time to respond.More Button

Witnesses at the committee stated the strongest evidence in respect of medicinal cannabis was on pain. The joint committee's report states that pain is complex, which is correct. However, we do...More Button

There is no evidence to back up the statement that there would be leakage to recreational use. Professor Barnes and Dr. Ó Súilleabháin stated that no evidence of increased recreational use of ca...More Button

Why can Germany, the Netherlands and a number of US states do what is proposed in the Bill? The problem with the HPRA regulating this issue - this concern was raised by Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil...More Button

Vera Twomey collapsed with stress outside the House and her daughter is in Holland. It is disgraceful that thousands of people will be left out in the cold. The alternative is to work together ...More Button

Will the Minister meet them and allow the Bill to pass?More Button

I went five seconds over my time.More Button

Schools Facilities

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: his views on the fact that the playing fields land at a college (details supplied) have been sold; if he has seen the contracts for such a sale; if his attention has been drawn to the legal case th...More Button

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if the board of a college (details supplied) will be supported in its endeavours including the legal proceedings to stop the sale of playing pitches in view of the fact that this school is funded b...More Button

Patient Files

Asked the Minister for Health: the correct procedure to be followed with regard to patient files; the category of person that can put information into such a file; the appropriate information to be placed in such files; his view...More Button