Daly, Clare

Friday, 6 March 2015

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Thirty-fourth Amendment to the Constitution (Neutrality) Bill 2013: Second Stage [Private Members] (Continued)

The Minister has already had an extra five minutes.More Button

I did not, actually.More Button

How much time do I have?More Button

I will do my best. We were told the Minister would speak for a short time, but his contribution went substantially over the odds. We all have a responsibility to balance our comments.More Button

This debate is one of the twilight zone discussions that often occurs here, where we say one thing and the reality is something entirely different. The Minister talks about supporting our neutra...More Button

Our neutrality probably has a lot more to do with the war against Britain, nationalism in the early days and trying to free ourselves from the yoke of British imperialism, but it has developed fr...More Button

As Deputy Mick Wallace said, we are curtailed in what we can say in the run-up to our court case but we will have the full benefit of that after it is over. Deputy Mick Wallace will move a simil...More Button

Obviously, the Government is worried that if the amendment were to be included in the Constitution, it might clip its wings somewhat, the actions of the State and its ability to kowtow and breach o...More Button

Report on Penal Reform: Motion (Continued)

I would like to make a few brief points. I recognise it is a very good thing that the committee has discussed this issue and I am glad to participate in this debate. I echo the points made by Dep...More Button

I also recognise the work done by the likes of the Penal Reform Trust but particularly by the Jesuits who have really pushed the boundaries on these issues. I do not disagree with anything in th...More Button

While it is all very well that we are inching forward in the right direction, not enough is being done. As is often the case, our actions and words are not in sync. For example, while it is welco...More Button

Conditions for women in prison have worsened. The number of prisoners in the Dóchas Centre is shocking. I spent a month in the centre about 12 years ago, which was not long after it opened. Th...More Button

I am an abolitionist when it comes to prisons in that I do not believe there is any legitimate reason for their use other than in the rare occasions where someone presents a security danger to hi...More Button

Major studies of the penal system have found that some of the people who would have been placed in large mental health institutions in the past are now being sent to prison because such instituti...More Button

On the issue of women in prison, the number of women in prison could be counted on one hand until the 1970s or 1980s. These women were primarily the small number of republican women in Limerick ...More Button

People have also been sent to prison for immigration related issues. One woman who has been in the Dóchas Centre for approximately 18 months was trafficked into this country to be exploited as l...More Button

We must step back and admit that everybody breaks the law. While not everyone will admit doing so and some people engage in more serious offences than others, everyone breaks the law at one time...More Button

Deputy O'Dowd made a number of very good points on imprisoning people for non-payment of fines. Vested interests want to maintain the current approach to prison because it has become a significa...More Button

I welcome the report. It is good it is being discussed in the House. More work has been done on this issue by this Dáil than was done over the past ten or 15 years. It is not enough, however, ...More Button