Creed, Michael

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Forestry Grants

Was asked: the forestry applications with regard to an area (details supplied) in 2015 and 2016 and to date in 2017; the size of each; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

My Department received 14 forestry applications for the District Electoral Division/townland in question for the years 2015, 2016 and to date in 2017. These applications included applications for ...More Button

Knowledge Transfer Programme

Was asked: when payment will be made to a person (details supplied) under the knowledge transfer scheme; the reason for the delay; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Payments under the Knowledge Transfer Programme have commenced on a rolling basis by sector. The person named is a participant in the Knowledge Transfer Beef Programme and payments have commenced ...More Button

Was asked: the number of approved persons who have applied to the knowledge transfer group scheme under the rural development programme 2014 to 2020 and to date in 2017 in the beef, sheep, dairy, tillage, equ...More Button

Knowledge Transfer is one of a suite of measures included under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 and involves the formation of knowledge transfer groups across the beef, dairy, equine, she...More Button

Single Payment Scheme Payments

Was asked: the reason a person (details supplied) has not yet received the 75% advance of their 2016 single farm payment; if the payment issues will be resolved; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Issues relating to the transfer of entitlements have caused a delay in relation to the Basic Payment for the person named. My Department have been in direct contact with the person named to resolv...More Button

Was asked: the status of a single farm payment for a person (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The person named submitted a 2017 Basic Payment/Areas of Natural Constraint schemes application on 5 April 2017. EU Regulations governing the administration of these schemes require that full and ...More Button

The application of the person named was selected for a Remote Sensing eligibility inspection. Processing of this inspection necessitated the verification of the position on the ground by means o...More Button

Agricultural Production Costs

Was asked: the proposals he has put forward at the EU Council of Agriculture Ministers on the need to reduce the cost of fertilisers; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

I am acutely aware that fertiliser is a major input cost on farms. Indeed EUROSTAT estimates that fertiliser is the third most important expenditure item on EU farms, accounting for €19.2 billion ...More Button

I have long believed that the elimination of fertiliser tariffs and anti-dumping duties is something that could help farmers reduce their input costs and this is something that I have actively pu...More Button

At the Agri Fish Council in June 2017, I asked the Commission to address the significant overpricing of fertilisers in the EU brought about by the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports. More Button

Against that background I welcome the European Commission’s intention to conduct a partial interim review of the anti dumping measures applicable to imports of ammonium nitrate originating in Rus...More Button

I should point out, however, that member States are not ad idem on this point, and that while Commissioner Hogan acknowledged the desirability of bringing about lower prices, he has also  indicat...More Button

Beef Data and Genomics Programme

Was asked: the number of persons participating in the beef data genomics scheme who have completed a beef carbon navigator, by county; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The Beef Data and  Genomics Programme provides for six years of payments to farmers for completion of actions which deliver accelerated genetic improvement in the Irish national herd and improvemen...More Button

Laboratory Facilities

Was asked: the status of the review of the regional veterinary laboratories; and if all such laboratories will remain open.More Button

The Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM) Laboratories are an integral part of the Department, providing critical scientific evidence and expertise (in animal health, food safety and...More Button

The ambitious targets of the Agri-food industry for growth and development over the next decade, as set out in Food Wise 2025, must be underpinned by robust systems which protect and enhance our ...More Button

This was the primary reason for tasking a Working Group led by Prof. Alan Reilly to undertake a comprehensive review of the Department’s Laboratories. This review has considered both the central...More Button

- Oversight and co-ordination of the laboratories activities;More Button

- Re-organisation of Divisions and support functions within the Central Laboratory complex;More Button

- Options for the future development of the Regional Laboratories – with a view to improving disease investigative and surveillance capability but with the over-riding imperative of maintaining a...More Button

- Human resources management within the laboratories - with a focus on grading structures, career development opportunities and workforce planning. More Button

To date no decision has been taken in respect of the options proposed for the Regional Veterinary Laboratories (RVLs). My Department completed an initial consultative process with all relevant s...More Button

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Was asked: his views on the recommendations from the Citizens' Assembly regarding GHG emissions in the agriculture sector.More Button

I have been following the proceedings of the Citizens’ Assembly with interest and in particular the topic of last weekend's session on Climate Change.  I look forward to reading the report of the r...More Button

I am pleased to see the level of interest among citizens in what is a very serious global issue, evidenced in the huge number of submissions made to the Assembly on the topic of climate change.  ...More Button

Many of the sentiments behind the recommendations put forward by the members of the Assembly at the weekend are consistent with our approach to agri-policy.  For example, the recommendations incl...More Button

My Department is also actively supporting the planting of trees and has set an ambitious target to increase forest cover in Ireland from the current 11% to 18% by mid century.  We have supported ...More Button

Food waste, while not directly within the remit of my Department, is part of the Origin Green Sustainability charter which requires companies to draw up independently certified plans which must i...More Button

The suggestion of tax on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture should be considered against the context of a range of actions being undertaken in fulfilment of the Government's policy of an a...More Button

The sector is committed to playing its part and to ensuring that growth continues on the basis of sustainability, however, when considering policy options we must consider the multiple objectives...More Button

Departmental Expenditure

Was asked: his views on the latest Exchequer returns for October 2017 showing that his Department’s spend to this point is €65 million behind profile in gross voted expenditure; and if all moneys projected to...More Button

A profile of projected expenditure on a monthly basis is drawn up at the beginning of each year in order to anticipate the Department’s funding requirements and financial management over the course...More Button

The recent Exchequer returns for my Department show that there are a number of budget lines, which are, for a variety of reasons, below profile. The Department’s expenditure at the end of Octobe...More Button

The profiled current expenditure for the January to October period represents just over two thirds of the voted funds so activity in the next seven weeks is also important, most particularly in r...More Button

The final outcome is, to an extent, driven by factors outside the Department’s control but in the context of the Department’s overall Vote every effort will be made to maximise the levels of expe...More Button

TAMS Funding

Was asked: the budget allocation for TAMS II in 2017; and the expenditure realised to date.More Button

The budget allocation for TAMS II in 2017 is €50m.More Button

To date the expenditure in 2017 amounts to €23.8m.  Of the 11,619 approvals that have issued payment claims have been received from 23% of the farmers concerned. This equates to 2,591 payment cl...More Button

A further 775 applicants have advised the Department through the submission of a special notification known as a Card A that they have commenced major building works, in these cases a claim for p...More Button

All farmers are being actively encouraged to act on their approvals. There is a budget in place of €395m for the duration of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.More Button

Hen Harriers Threat Response Plan

Was asked: the status of the new hen harrier scheme; when details of the new scheme will be published and open for applications; when the first payments will issue; the budget allocated under the rural develo...More Button

At the outset, I should stress that this is a locally-led programme, which is not directly administered by my Department.  The design and management of the programme are primarily matters for the l...More Button

The design work for the new Hen Harrier programme has already commenced following the appointment of a locally-led Project Team earlier this year.  The Project Team has now completed a series of ...More Button

I understand that the first expressions of interest from farmers in taking part in the new programme will be invited before the end of 2017.  Unlike other schemes, the new hen harrier programme w...More Button

A budget of some €25 million has been allocated for the hen harrier programme. It is worth noting that a significant framework of support for farmers with hen-harrier designated land is already ...More Button