Begley, Michael

Wednesday, 10 December 1980

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 325 Nbr. 5

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Industrial Expansion.

I hope you tell them that during the by-election.More Button

asked the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Tourism if he has any proposals in his Department for industrial development at Cahirciveen, County Kerry; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Is the Minister aware of the very grave unemployment situation in Cahirciveen where two factories closed recently? Is the Minister now saying that he has no positive proposals for Cahirciveen?More Button

Is the Minister saying that he has a positive proposal for an industry in Cahirciveen — the answer is yes or no?More Button

I think the Minister does not care.More Button

I think he has no interest.More Button

(Interruptions)More Button

Local Loans Fund (Amendment) Bill, 1980: Second and Subsequent Stages (Resumed).

And there are 120,000 people unemployed at present.More Button

Supplementary Estimates, 1980. - Vote 36: Fisheries (Resumed).

And administration.More Button

I am only being helpful.More Button

Administration is mentioned in the Estimate.More Button

Disgraceful.More Button

The first point that must be made is that the fishing industry is in chaos. From a reply by the Minister to a parliamentary question on 26 November last I learned that 65 per cent of trawler owner...More Button

I am making my speech and if you think you are going to stifle me you might as well adjourn the House. I am putting it to you like that.More Button

I have things to say on the Supplementary Estimate and I will say them——More Button

I will make my point on diesel oil and I will move away from it when I have finished.More Button

I will deal with the subhead on the administration of BIM. I will deal with the heading on sea fisheries development and as far as that is concerned, if a subsidy for diesel oil is not relevant, i...More Button

Diesel oil must be used to carry out the surveys and it must be subsidised. It is as simple as that. I am surprised at you. I have been speaking exactly three minutes and you have cut in—&m...More Button

Are you under orders to stifle me?More Button

I will certainly raise matters here and if this House does not wish to hear me the House can put me out. It is as simple as that. I have very strong views on the state of the fishing industry. I ...More Button

Coming from a seafaring county I am concerned that the Inland Fisheries Trust, which is dealt with in Subhead E and which will cost about £415,000, can allow one of the boards, in Galway, to ...More Button

I tabled a number of questions in recent weeks and I cannot understand how I could have been given so much inaccurate information. I am so concerned about the whole issue, particularly in relation...More Button

I am so concerned about the whole matter that I am demanding a public sworn inquiry into the sale of these boatyards.More Button

The administration of BIM comes under it and I am speaking about that administration. The Leas-Cheann Comhairle can put me out of the House——More Button

You are doing your level best to take up my time. I hope it is not deliberate.More Button

The Leas-Cheann Comhairle is so happy listening to himself that he has not time to listen to me.More Button

I will argue with the Chair if I have to in order to expose a fraud that has taken place. I am now calling for a public sworn inquiry.More Button

I am raising the matters here because I was given misleading information. I am not saying the Minister gave it to me deliberately because I am sure the information he gave me had been given to him...More Button

Why should I move the adjournment of the debate? I am surprised at you.More Button

Supplementary Estimates, 1980. - Vote 49: Social Welfare.

I welcome the Bill, but I should like to make a few points in regard to the means test and its application to old age pensioners, whether contributory or non-contributory. There is no doubt that t...More Button

There is another area of particular concern which arises when an old age pensioner who is non-contributory is in receipt of another pension, whether social security from America or a British pensio...More Button

Different types of means tests are applied in different parts of County Kerry, particularly as far as unemployment assistance is concerned. I cannot understand why a youth living with his parents ...More Button

In the budget this year we were told that all those in receipt of farmers' unemployment assistance would benefit if they re-applied under a means test. All who took the Minister at his word had th...More Button

However, I thank the Minister for the Bill passed recently and for which provision is being made in this Supplementary Estimate.More Button