Griffith, Arthur

Tuesday, 20 December 1921

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. T Nbr. 7


Just a moment, before you proceed with the discussion. This is the first time that I saw this document (the Agenda for the day). Now according to this I am to move my motion again and President de ...More Button

Am I to understand that the first vote has to be taken on approval or disapproval of the Treaty?More Button

I thought I heard the Minister of Defence asking for publicity. Now there is a request for a Private Session. We want everything fully known in public. We are now asked to go into Private Session...More Button

Everything has been fully discussed privately, and nothing has been stated here by any Member that requires a private reply.More Button

I don't know what the President means by something else. (Cries of “Withdraw”).More Button

I want to know if these are private military matters that were discussed for three days. If the Minister of Defence wants to make a statement on anything that has been said in Public Session, ther...More Button

That proposal is different from what I understood it. I understood the Minister of Defence wanted to go into Private Session to reply to anything that was said in Public Session. Do I take it tha...More Button

I agree.More Button

I am quite satisfied with what President de Valera has said. It is quite worthy of him (applause).More Button

It is right that the Irish people should know that the difference between us. I stand here and demand that the Irish people shall know the truth (hear, hear).More Button

We have been speaking from the beginning with our hands tied by President de Valera's request. Is that document in its entirety going to be given to the public Press?More Button

Every one of us here is under a handicap.More Button

We have been here under a handicap. We got certain instructions from the Cabinet, which we used and acted upon. Now an attempt is made to represent we were to stand upon the unchangeable and unco...More Button

We want that brought forward.More Button

We got on the 25th November certain instructions from the Cabinet which are being withheld now.More Button

Will you allow them to be published?More Button

I quite agree with the President, the sooner the better. It is perfectly fair—that is all right.More Button

Produce Document No. 2. Let the Irish people see that document.More Button

I say it now again.More Button

I stand over every word of that statement. This is a Treaty between two sovereign nations.More Button

What about Document No. 2?More Button

It should not be past Thursday.More Button