McCreevy, Charlie

Thursday, 31 May 2001

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 537 Nbr. 4

Estimates for Public Services, 2001. Vote 31 – Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (Revised).

I move the following Supplementary Estimate:More Button

That a sum not exceeding £858,531,000 be granted to defray the charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on 31 December, 2001, for the salaries and expense of the off...More Button

Further Revised Estimates for Public Services, 2001: Motion.

I move:More Button

That, notwithstanding Standing Order 145(1) or (2) or the Order of the Dáil of 27 March, 2001, the following Further Revised Estimates for Public Services for the year ending 31 December, 2...More Button

Vote (Department of the Taoiseach) (Further Revised Estimate) – Select Committee on Finance and the Public Service.More Button

Vote 32 (Public Enterprise) (Further Revised Estimate) – Select Committee on Public Enterprise and Transport.More Button

Sub-Committee on Mini-CTC Signalling Project: Motion

I move:More Button

That the Sub-Committee on the Mini-CTC Signalling Project, established by the Joint Committee on Public Enterprise and Transport, shall have the power to send for persons, papers and records.More Button

Euro Changeover (Amounts) Bill, 2001: Order for Report Stage.

I move: “That Report Stage be taken now.”More Button

Euro Changeover (Amounts) Bill, 2001: Report and Final Stages.

I will certainly bear in mind what the Deputies have said. I alluded to this on Second Stage and in reply to parliamentary questions. The Euro Changeover Board of Ireland is a very representative b...More Button

I thank the House for allocating time for consideration of this Bill and the Deputies for their support for it and their contributions on Second and Committee Stages. The Euro Changeover (Amounts)...More Button

Written Answers. - State Laboratory.

Was asked: the reason he has allowed tenders to be sought for the task of moving the laboratory of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development from Abbotstown in view of the appointment of an in...More Button

Written Answers. - Flood Controls.

Was asked: if he has received a report or reports from South Dublin County Council regarding the flooding in Lucan in November 2000; if so, the action intended to prevent a reoccurrence of the flooding; and i...More Button

Written Answers. - Tax Yield.

Was asked: the separate areas of economic activity subject to stamp duty; the percentage of stamp duty applicable in respect of each; the level at which it is applicable; the yield in the year 2000 in respect...More Button

The following table below gives a breakdown of the main categories of activities which are liable to stamp duty:More Button

Note 1More Button

Land and PropertyMore Button

Rates applying for Residential Property*More Button

Rates applying for Non-residential property*More Button

*Transfers between blood relatives attract stamp duty at half the normal rates of duty.More Button

** No stamp duty is payable by an owner-occupier on the purchase of a new house up to 125 square metres; in the case of a new house bought by an owner-occupier above this size, the stamp duty is ch...More Button

Note 2More Button

Insurance and MiscellaneousMore Button

This category includes the 2% levy on insurance premiums which accounts for over 60% of the 2000 yield in this category. The levy is imposed on almost all non-life insurance premia, the exceptions ...More Button

Written Answers. - Departmental Advertising.

Was asked: the number of advertisements in written media, radio or television since July 1997 that have contained a reference to the Minister by name or title; the number he has actually appeared or spoken in...More Button

The table below details the number of advertisements, since July 1997, which have contained a reference to my name or title.More Button

*A sum of £89,300.47 is payable to Brindley Advertising Limited for services in placing the radio advertising for the special savings incentive scheme. This invoice has not been received by t...More Button

When advertising a particular scheme or project sponsored by this Department in many cases a reference will be made to the Minister for Finance using the title alone. In a small minority of cases, ...More Button

Under EU regulations, agencies involved in the implementation of EU co-funded measures under the NDP are required to put in place appropriate arrangements to promote the measure and the fact that ...More Button

Written Answers. - Tax Allowances.

Was asked: if he will clarify the situation and report progress on the claim for married persons tax allowance for cohabiting couples; the findings of the task force set up to examine this matter; if he will ...More Button

The issue of the tax treatment of cohabiting couples was discussed most recently in the report of the working group examining the treatment of married, cohabiting and one-parent families under the ...More Button

Since the report was published, I initiated in budget 2000 the process to reform the standard rate income tax band. When the process is complete the position of all couples will be the same with re...More Button

The position of married couples in relation to income tax is accorded recognition through the married person's tax credit and the home carer's tax credit. I have no plans to change the arrangements...More Button

Written Answers. - Tax Reliefs.

Was asked: if he will list and explain details of the tax concessions for taxi plate holders as included in the Finance Bill; if he will list the total value which can be claimed back in tax refund for each c...More Button

Section 51 of the Finance Act, 2001, provides for the new scheme of capital allowances for expenditure incurred on the cost of taxi licences acquired on or before 21 November 2000. The allowances a...More Button

The actual cost of the licence can be written off over five years at the rate of 20% per annum. The write-off will be allowed against the trading income only of the licence owner who drives the tax...More Button

On the Committee Stage of the Finance Bill 2001, I introduced some further refinements to the provision as it then stood and these are now also reflected in section 51 of the Act. The objective was...More Button

On Report Stage I further extended the provisions of section 51 to cater for the situation where a widow or widower, who has inherited the licence from his or her spouse, lets the licence to a thir...More Button

The allowances for the tax year are deducted from the profits of the taxi trade for that year. Where the allowances exceed the profits in a year, the excess is carried forward to the following yea...More Button

The value of the tax refund in respect of each of the amounts of expenditure mentioned will depend on a person's marginal rate of tax for each of the five tax years over which the allowance is clai...More Button

It must be borne in mind that marginal rates of tax will vary with the particular year and the individual's circumstances. These refunds only apply where the full amount of the allowance is relieve...More Button

In relation to taxi plate holders being allowed to purchase cars free of vehicle registration tax, VRT – VRT is an important source of revenue for the Exchequer, especially given this Governm...More Button

Written Answers. - Nursing Home Subventions.

Was asked: if, in relation to a family who are paying over £600 per week for their parent in a high support private nursing home or hospital unit, they can claim tax rebate on this under MED1 or other s...More Button

The Taxes Consolidation Act permits individuals to claim medical expenses tax relief – MED1 – in respect of the cost of maintaining a relative who is incapacitated by old age or infirmi...More Button