Milroy, Seán

Tuesday, 20 December 1921

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. T Nbr. 7


A Chinn Chomhairle, I believe every Member of the assembly knows upon what side I stand. If they have any doubts as to what is the reason or reasons why I take that stand, there will be no doubt l...More Button

Who would sit in judgment upon the Irish people?More Button

Is it the majority of the Cabinet of Dáil Eireann? Where has vanished that principle of self-determination of the Irish people? (hear, hear). What has become of the principle upon which we...More Button

When the first Session of this Dáil met, President de Valera intimated to us that he was going to formulate alternative proposals. I asked him if he would give them to us. He said he would...More Button

I beg your pardon——More Button

I do not know what construction Members of the House put on it. I only know the construction, the obvious construction, that comes home to my mind, and I am expressing that. If, when I have finis...More Button

It is not the Treaty versus the Irish Republic. The issue that we are faced with here in this Dáil, is the issue of the difference between the Treaty and Document No. 2.More Button

It is the issue, and no amount—I do not want to use an offensive word, I will use the word manœuvring—and I say no amount of manœuvring is going to obscure this Dáil or confuse t...More Button

The difference between the two documents is only shadow.More Button

I am not quoting the words of any Englishman, I am quoting the words of President de Valera himself, that the difference between these two documents is only shadow. Are we going to send the young...More Button

It is time we realised where we are drifting to. I heard to-day passionate speeches. I heard to-day speeches that did not make people smile. I heard from Mrs. O'Callaghan to-day one of the most ...More Button

What I have to say is that this is the most stupendous achievement that Ireland has gained for centuries. I will tell you another thing. This Treaty, as I have already said, provides for the evacu...More Button

I am speaking what are facts. It is a shame. The whole nation will cry shame upon men and women and the policy that sent the nation to its doom for such a thing as that described by President de ...More Button

“I —— do swear to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of Ireland and to the Treaty of Association of Ireland with the British Commonwealth of Nations and to recognise the...More Button

Now, I suggest, would that be more acceptable than the other? (Voices: “Yes!”“No! No!”) I am surprised that it would not, because it is the difference between the oath of the Treaty and that oat...More Button

Not relevant? It is the whole issue.More Button

Is this a point of order or a speech?More Button

I trust that what have said will not unduly disturb the tranquillity of this assembly. I am here. I represent at least twice as much of Ireland as a good many Members of Dáil Eireann. I r...More Button

I, for my part, am not going to forget that I have to study the dispositions of those who sent me here, and the interests of those people and the interests of the Irish Nation are higher to me, gre...More Button

A gentleman has said—he did not think I overheard him —that I am damning myself. I don't care what the personal consequences to me are.More Button

I don't care what the personal consequences are to me as a result of the attitude I am taking up and the vote I will give. I am thinking of the Irish Nation and the Irish Nation only. Now many pe...More Button

That is an allegation the Deputy who made it will have an opportunity of proving, when he rises to speak, and I think he will have great difficulty in proving it. We have sold it. What have we so...More Button

What is the meaning of that word “sold”? Is that the opinion of one set of Irishmen of another in this very grave crisis in the Nation's destiny? I think the Deputy who says that may not have muc...More Button

I do not think it would be becoming of me to take any further notice of his opinion. If the Deputy holds a doubt about me I am quite satisfied. I am taking the stand in this matter which my consc...More Button

I never made such a statement in my life.More Button

John Bull is not Almighty God.More Button