Norris, David P.B., Norris, David

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 12

Order of Business

Will there be a gap in the middle of the afternoon?More Button

What will happen at 3 p.m.?More Button

That is not on the Order Paper.More Button

That is a little dictatorial of the Leader. He runs the business of this House in a most disgraceful manner.More Button

First, I do not have a leader.More Button

Second, I am sure that Senator O’Toole will give Senator Cassidy plenty to think about when he speaks as our group’s representative.More Button

Moreover, Senator O’Toole did not agree to this on behalf of our group.More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

First, I wish to comment on the ordering of business today. I find it very difficult to operate professionally when we witness this kind of thing. On the Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, it is cl...More Button

I made that clear. I asked Senator O’Toole, our representative, about the matter and he said nothing whatever had been agreed. When I pointed this out to the Leader——More Button

I was talking about the way in which the Leader had dealt with the matter. The Cathaoirleach said, very disingenuously, that I did not have a leader. I never used the word “leader”. We have a re...More Button

I know Senator Ross thinks he is. I know he thinks he represents the Church of Ireland as well. It would be very interesting to see if he ever attended.More Button

I beg your pardon. No, it was the Leader. That was simply muddying the water.More Button

I welcome the fact that the principle of the motion on the situation in Uganda and Malawi has been generously accepted by the Government side. There has been a slight amendment to the wording. Wi...More Button

No matter what, they only looked after their obligations and honoured their commitments. I welcome it.More Button

Up the mountains.More Button

(Interruptions).More Button

Nothing much since 1916.More Button

What do we do?More Button

Can we make provision for a brief discussion to pass it?More Button

No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Committee on Procedure and Privileges: Motion

I read the document. This is a change to the way we do certain aspects of our business. To make a change such as this without debate is inappropriate.More Button

Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

No IndicatorVoted No More Button

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Employers’ Job Incentive Scheme: Motion

I do not wish to interrupt the Senator but it seems I will be the next speaker. Senator Coffey is in such passionate flow in his contribution I do not want to take the last minute from him. What ...More Button

The Senator is most gracious and I thank him very much. I listened with great interest to his passionate contribution.More Button

I refer the Minister of State to what I believe is a contradiction in her speech. She says on the first page she is aware of the difficult times, that employers are wary of taking on new staff and...More Button

This is a very valuable motion and I find I can agree with both sides. It seems the Government is saying the PRSI incentive scheme is a very good thing and Fine Gael is agreeing and saying it was ...More Button

I remember the bad times. I remember the last recession and we are still 800,000 jobs ahead of where we were then, partly because the population has increased. What will happen small businesses a...More Button

I note there are some good indicators. I am delighted to hear that, technically, the recession is over. We should be trumpeting this. However, there is a caveat and that caveat is this refers to...More Button

We should also be aware that there are some other good news stories in which this House has played a significant role. We had a debate on bio-fuels in which Senator Coffey took a very important pa...More Button

I did my damned best to get Senator Mooney back into the House and look where he is now, sitting on the Front Bench of the Government side. I cannot claim sole credit for it but I was with him, sp...More Button

I do not think that is necessary because I think the Senator is an ornament to this House. I always thought that, even though we disagree. I certainly agree with the thrust of both the motion and...More Button

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage

I am glad of the opportunity to support the Minister, who has sometimes fought a rather lonely battle on this issue, but I believe it is a battle of principle. I acknowledge my own background. My...More Button

With regard to crackpots and cranks and with due deference to my good friend on the Fine Gael benches, Senator Paudie Coffey, their existence in support of an idea or principle does not discredit e...More Button

On this point, I have been lobbied. I have seen the posters outside and I have spoken with those involved. Some of them expressed disappointment with my position and some of them are friends of m...More Button

I understand a certain sadness when a tradition apparently comes to an end such as the Ward Union Hunt, which is a very famous hunt. However, having listened to them, it seems they could achieve t...More Button

I have the greatest respect for Senator Hannigan, who sits in front of me and who represents the Labour Party. However, he astonished me when I heard him say on the radio recently that they might ...More Button

I understand this Bill is narrow and the Minister has said as much. There has been some squawking about why we do not address the real economic issues. Why do those people who squawk not take par...More Button

It is not a very wide-ranging Bill although I wish it were. However, it is important to address the principle. There is some case to be made for fox hunting and I will explain why. There are occ...More Button

I refer to the emotional association with the prints of Surtees and the stories not only of Somerville and Ross but also the late, wonderful Molly Keane. Even in her novels, there is an acknowledg...More Button

We are aware of course that reaching right up to our soon to be anticipated visitor, Queen Elizabeth, the royal family slaughtered thousands of birds and other animals very happily.More Button

I am glad to hear it but it is still fairly frightening. Although that is an improvement, they are sometimes killed. I will leave the rest of St. Thomas More, except that he suggests an alternati...More Button

With regard to the Ward Union Hunt, we know it does not use wild animals. These are domestic animals. Few people would allow their own domestic animals to be hunted in this manner and there are e...More Button

Much is said about public opinion, the country versus town divide and so on. I listen to many programmes on the wireless and the balance seems to be in favour of the action the Government is takin...More Button

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