Norris, David P.B., Norris, David

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Order of Business

Hear, hear.More Button

I wish to raise two issues. The first is motion No. 9 on the Order Paper, which criticises the Bank of Ireland for undemocratically stopping the bank accounts of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity C...More Button

  The other issue is the Confucius Institutes. UCD has accepted one of these. They are centres for the teaching of the Chinese language, apparently, but they have also been described by...More Button

  American and Canadian academics have expressed considerable concern about this. Confucius Institutes have been established on 465 campuses in 123 countries, so they are a significant p...More Button

  I will conclude by putting this in context. Quite recently, Members of this Parliament were warned by the Government not to attend celebrations of the Taiwanese Government. I believe ...More Button

I think your genial presence makes it relevant, sitting there like a Buddha.More Button

I just hope that I am not near the end of my life.More Button

Mayo is not crawling with Presidents.More Button

Go on and just do it.More Button

Hear, hear. Well said.More Button

I understood from the Leader earlier that one hour of Government time would be made available.More Button

How did we get to the one-China policy? It was never discussed in either House, nor in the foreign affairs committee-----More Button

-----but the civil servants slid it in undemocratically.More Button

I have already overloaded the library with my old rubbish.More Button

Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015: Committee Stage

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Why?More Button

The Minister of State is very welcome, as is the Bill. I am a little confused. I take it we are on Amendment No. 1. Other colleagues have ranged widely, and I will not be able to resist the temp...More Button

There was confusion at that stage, but it was when there were local brewers - Perry's in Rathdowney, Smithwick's and, in Dublin, Guinness. We do not have that anymore and nor do we have Jameson or...More Button

Not one of them-----More Button

-----is owned by an Irish person. They are multinational-----More Button

I will sit down and the Senator can make his interruption.More Button

I am not.More Button

Oh goodness. There may be some craft brewers but the major suppliers to the industry are-----More Button

I beg the Chair's pardon. I will not only address the Chair, I will address its occupant.More Button

  Multinational corporations have been carrying out extensive lobbying of Members of this House. Sometimes, they are clever in how they conceal their origins referring to "responsible dr...More Button

  I will start with the impact of alcohol on the health of the people and the finances of the country. Three lives are lost daily. There is a €3.75 billion cost to the health service an...More Button

  After the Bill's recital of the technical and legal mumbo jumbo, it gets into broadcast advertisements, that is, on the wireless and television. They are potent instruments. We should...More Button

  One in four people has experienced harm as a result of someone else's drinking and 55% of drinkers were hazardous drinkers. The newspapers released a figure the other day showing that ...More Button

  It is time that we were realistic about this matter. Here is the strength that the Minister of State has behind her. I hope she does not weaken or give in to the drink lobby or any of...More Button

I am just telling the Minister of State that I hope she does not weaken on any of these amendments. I hope that she keeps to them. They are not enough but they are a beginning. I want to strengt...More Button

  I will end on this point. The promotion of sport through alcohol is ridiculous. Some of it damages one's health. This substance is used to promote and fund sports. It is nonsense.More Button

The Acting Chairman has confined me. I am now sitting down. I thank him for his advice.More Button

I think the Senator makes an excellent point that needs to be made. It should be taken up by the GAA and the IRFU.More Button

But it does not say that "delete". That was left out.More Button

Just to establish, what I spotted was a defect and it will be rectified.More Button

The Seanad has done a little job today.More Button

What?More Button

But it does not say that.More Button

I thank the Acting Chairman for the clarification.More Button

I think it was Senator Paddy Burke's suggestion.More Button

Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015: Committee Stage (Resumed)

Hear, hear.More Button

Comments have to be on the amendment that is being discussed.More Button

I would like to express my astonishment at what I have heard here today about "supply for the purpose of promoting the use of another service". I have never in my life been offered a glass of wine...More Button

No. My nails have not been done for quite a long time, apart from my toenails to give the Senator a good kick. Although I have never heard of the practice that has been highlighted, I would be ve...More Button

What about borders?More Button

I understand the Minister of State's situation with regard to the Internet because it does cross borders and so requires international consultation.More Button

  With respect to that amendment and several of the others, I very much welcome the Minister of State's attitude where she said that she understood the points made by Senators and will co...More Button

  I regret that she has been unable to accept amendment No. 19, particularly the second part that referred to the advertising of an alcohol product around sporting occasions. We see an e...More Button

  With respect to some of her earlier remarks that different aspects of this Bill should be taken up with the Minister for Finance or the Minister for something else, I am sure her remark...More Button

No, but I think we should get on.More Button

I thank the Minister of State.More Button

One can hardly prosecute the wearer.More Button

May I point out while the Minister of State-----More Button

We are dealing with an area of unreality. We are very much on the margin when we talk about a large 17 year old child buying a keyring with Guinness on it. Nobody is going to be bothering with th...More Button

It will not be observed on the margins. The real point I want to make is that we never really legislatively confronted the nature of what is a child. In the last session of the Seanad we had legi...More Button

Yes, but in the previous Bill which I mentioned, a child was 15 years, 16 years, 17 years or 18 years, depending on the section of the Bill one was examining. That is on the record of Seanad Éirea...More Button

It is the same with the abortion pill and head shop products.More Button

Let us have a vote. A vote would be very refreshing.More Button

  Amendment agreed to.More Button

  Government amendment No. 3:More Button

  Amendment agreed to.More Button

  Amendment No. 4 not moved.More Button

  Government amendment No. 5:More Button

  Amendment agreed to.More Button

  Government amendment No. 6:More Button

  Amendment agreed to.More Button

  Amendments Nos. 7 to 9, inclusive, not moved.More Button

  Section 2, as amended, agreed to.More Button

  Section 3 agreed to.More Button

Perhaps the Minister of State could guide me as to whether I am on the right page. I am looking at amendment No. 10 and it is about an "Applicant to provide written notice to Executive". It is no...More Button

The Minister of State referred to subsection (3) but there is no such subsection. It might be a mistake.More Button

I am sorry to interrupt the Minister of State, but there appeared to be a mistake in her note and it appeared that she was on the wrong section.More Button

A drinks break.More Button

Corporate Manslaughter (No. 2) Bill 2016: Second Stage

It was very high.More Button

Why not?More Button

Only if they were guilty of negligence.More Button

I welcome the Bill. I welcome the Minister to the House. I am glad to say that I understand that she proposes to accept the Bill in principle. It is another good day for the Seanad. It is inter...More Button

  My colleague in Fine Gael said that we could not possibly have the fire brigades and ambulances. Why the hell not? Senator Daly gave the example of the rescue services and the way in ...More Button

  I noted the way the Bill is sensitively worded. It says that the standard of care required of the undertaking is to take all reasonable measures, having due regard to the state and cir...More Button

  I support the idea of community service orders. They are much better if it is an individual, if it is a fairly small situation and if there are extenuating circumstances. It is good t...More Button

  This is a very good Bill. Hello, media, I think this is another good day for the Seanad. We are showing that we are worth our weight in gold. Nobody is listening, but the Seanad is a...More Button

The services themselves will be responsible.More Button

On a point of order, section 10(4) states that a person convicted of an offence under this section is liable to a fine not exceeding €5 million so it is there in the text.More Button

I know but I got away with it.More Button

I see.More Button