Boyle, Dan

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 12

Order of Business

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Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Second Stage

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Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

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Employers’ Job Incentive Scheme: Motion

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage

Any legislation has a context and, of course, a subtext. Much of the debate we have heard surrounding this modest legislation, comprising five paragraphs, has been vastly over-blown. I recall my ...More Button

One such representation was from a gun club in Watergrasshill in Cork. It was one of the more surreal experiences of my life as I walked around the grounds of the gun club. It was a woodlands tha...More Button

It saddens me. In its 80 years of statehood this country has changed from being 80% rural to 80% urban.More Button

Yet, regardless of where one lives in this country, there is a rural link in the folk memory or within the generations of each family. My father was an islander. Not only was he rural in that sen...More Button

In addition, rural life has changed in Ireland because of what we have created through the unco-ordinated planning policies of the last 40 years. Ireland has an urban, suburban, mini-urban and rur...More Button

The idea that there is another Ireland that is not understood or that should be fossilised somehow is something this debate, in a positive sense, is helping to crystalise. Many myths, untruths and...More Button

I wish those who are participating in this debate would think of a context 20, 30 or 40 years from now when they are trying to explain to their grandchildren the reason they put up such impediments...More Button

In terms of the legal context, the existing legislation gave the right to the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to issue licences to hunts involving carted deer but it did...More Button

In its activities in the past four to five years the Ward Union Hunt has given ample reason such licences should not be issued. I refer to the incidents in the school yard. Anyone who listened to...More Button

Yes, “Liveline”, and I will quote from it although it is far from my favourite radio programme——More Button

——because it usually represents the type of demagoguery we have heard in this debate and the lies and half truths about which I have already spoken. However, if the Senator listened to...More Button

Would I like other legislation to be introduced? Yes, I would. Do I believe it will be introduced? Increasingly, probably not. Getting this type of agreement in a programme for Government has b...More Button

I hear the canards about the reason we are debating an issue like this instead of adoption or some health related issue, and we are told about the great economic problems we face as a country, but ...More Button

I heard the ráiméis from Senator Phil Prendergast earlier. I challenge her to make the same speech at a Labour Party convention when next that party meets nationally and to have it t...More Button

The poll in the newspaper last week indicated a different view.More Button

We could make that argument too but——More Button

Senator Phelan believes that aspect of the poll but he does not believe the other aspect.More Button

The Senator either believes polls or he does not.More Button

Demagoguery.More Button

Does the Senator really believe it is true?More Button

Does the Deputy’s party members not wear shirts of the same colour to identify themselves?More Button

I have never met such a person on my national executive.More Button

There are people in the Senator’s party who seem to organise militarily——More Button

How about that? The Senator’s party——More Button

She has never been a member of our national executive.More Button

The Senator thought he would put it out there anyway, even though he was not sure.More Button

Will the Senator introduce it when he is in government? Is that the thin end of the wedge?More Button

What about consulting its members?More Button

They collectively changed their minds.More Button

I presumed Senator O’Toole was arguing against the Bill.More Button

Come on, that is the bottom of the barrel.More Button

What about drag hunting?More Button

This has been done in Northern Ireland.More Button

Does the Senator suggests that Fianna Fáil asked the Green Party to put forward the Bill?More Button

Surely that is for the next Government to decide.More Button

That statistic comes from the Central Statistics Office.More Button

I did not see Senator O’Reilly’s hands move there.More Button

What about cockfighting or badger baiting? They once were traditions.More Button

They have horse racing in England.More Button

They have horse breeding in England too.More Button

The Senator put her up to it.More Button

That is nonsense.More Button

That is ridiculous.More Button

Why?More Button

That is illogical.More Button

So one should not start because one cannot stop.More Button

What Government is introducing that legislation?More Button

The Senator should be consistent. Her party is behaving shamefully.More Button

The Senator was doing so well. That is sad.More Button

Is the Senator going to back up NAMA?More Button

The Senator was very wrong.More Button

(Interruptions).More Button

I hope the Senator holds onto the Whip after this.More Button

The Senator knows it is not.More Button

All the NAMA money will be put back, as the Senator knows.More Button

That is true.More Button

Senator Ryan’s party has.More Button

The Bailey brothers.More Button

Is there a power not to issue the licence?More Button

We will wait for the next Government for that.More Button

Our policies are quite clear.More Button

What we have agreement for is a different matter.More Button

I agree.More Button

Senator Bradford did not speak much nonsense like the other speakers.More Button

I do not disagree with any of that.More Button

It does not stop raising animals. It does not stop the live transport of animals. It does not stop zoos.More Button

I am quite happy to hear it.More Button

Who will introduce it?More Button

Who will introduce it?More Button

It is not in the programme for Government.More Button

But we do not know what Fine Gael stands for.More Button

Not true.More Button

We do not want them to grow higher than 5 ft. 5 in. either. What nonsense.More Button

Is that a sport?More Button

That is Senator Cummins’ interpretation.More Button

Cars kill people, too. What about those?More Button

Does the public support stag hunting?More Button

The public is against stag hunting.More Button

What did that poll say about stag hunting?More Button

Was it not because of Fine Gael’s leader?More Button

Did Senator Cummins defend us?More Button

Surely people in rural Ireland are nice.More Button

He needs more rope to hang himself.More Button

Is that the Senator restraining himself?More Button

Should we put the motion? We are quite happy to finish the debate.More Button

They kill people, too. Does the Senator not realise that?More Button

(Interruptions).More Button

Everyone else is saying it is.More Button

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