Finneran, Michael

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 12

Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage

I am glad to be in a position to respond to some of the Senators who have spoken and to bring Second Stage to a conclusion. I know there are heartfelt views as regards the legislation, but I hones...More Button

The important point is that there is no interference with any hunting. This Bill addresses a particular hunt in one location and that is the complete substance and content of the legislation. I k...More Button

I say to Senator Cummins that policies are one thing, but the programme for Government is another. More Button

That will be admitted by our partners in Government. We have An Agreed Programme for Government, as we all know. Safety issues have arisen as regards the Ward Union hunt and we are well aware of ...More Button

The issue, as regards an attack on rural Ireland needs to be absolutely discounted from the argument here.More Button

It is inappropriate to continue to harp on that particular matter and to fuel the discontent and worries. Over the summer and autumn, the public will realise there is no interference with any aspe...More Button

I happen to be dealing with the wildlife Bill this evening. More Button

I just wanted to put that on the record. I have listened to some of the comments here. There are people who believe that the world is going to end tomorrow, as they are entitled to do. If one go...More Button

I got on the soap-box in 1979 when I was elected for the first time, and I have never been rejected by the electorate since. More Button

I used the soap-box effectively. The basics are very clear. This Bill is very specific in its content and involves the delivery of legislation in relation to one particular pursuit in one specifi...More Button

——rural pursuits is incorrect.More Button

10 o’clockMore Button

I am glad to have had the opportunity to say that in the House. That said, I accept the Opposition’s entitlement to oppose and that is all right too. People have said the Labour Party has c...More Button

Having said that I want to ensure that my party’s position and the position of our partners in Government is understood. We have a Government policy and it is the programme for Government. ...More Button

The Seanad divided: Tá, 30; Níl, 18.More Button

Water Supply

I thank the Senator for raising this issue, which relates to water conservation works, which are a priority under my Department’s water services investment programme. The main objectives of ...More Button

There are three distinct stages to water conservation on public water supply schemes. First, a local authority must put in place a water management system that enables the authority to monitor wat...More Button

Over the past decade funding has been provided to local authorities to carry out water conservation works, mainly for the first two elements I have outlined. It has led to reductions in unaccounte...More Button

The programme, which was published in April 2010, was drawn up to deal with a number of environmental and economic priorities, including the need for increased water treatment capacity. The progra...More Button

I understand water mains rehabilitation works in the Magheroarty area of Donegal are being prioritised by Donegal County Council for inclusion in the water mains rehabilitation project phase 1 cont...More Button

My Department is awaiting the tender documents and the necessary supporting information from Donegal County Council. When that arrives, and even if it arrives tomorrow, I assure the Senator it wil...More Button

Phase 1.More Button

Health Services

I am taking this matter on behalf of my colleague, the Minister of State, Deputy Áine Brady. The overarching policy of the Government is to support older people to live in dignity and indep...More Button

The Health Service Executive has sole operational responsibility for the delivery of health and social services. The Senator will appreciate that all developments in the health sector, including p...More Button

The HSE has indicated that a design team for the Ballinamore project was appointed in October 2008. Significant progress has been made to date, to the extent that planning permission, subject to c...More Button

The key objective in primary care policy is to develop services in the community which will give people direct access to integrated multi-disciplinary teams, such as that proposed for the Ballinamo...More Button

The HSE expects 125 primary care centres to be delivered by 2012, supporting 160 primary care teams. In addition to these developments, the HSE is continuing to develop primary care centres, which...More Button

In light of the current financial difficulties generally, the HSE has had to reassess the projects that can be progressed within its limited capital resources and is not in a position to bring the ...More Button

I will inform the Minister that Senator Ellis has raised the matter. He has my support on it as well. We must work together to see if we can be of assistance to the Senator for 2011.More Button

Social Welfare Benefits

I am taking this Adjournment matter on behalf of the Minister for Social Protection. More Button

The main objective of the free travel scheme administered by the Department is to encourage older people and people with disabilities to remain independent and active in the community. The scheme ...More Button

In addition to the free travel scheme, the Department makes an annual contribution of €1.5 million to the rural transport programme, in addition to the contribution provided by the Department ...More Button

The free travel scheme is available to a wide range of customers, including all persons aged 66 years or over and customers under the age of 66 who are in receipt of disability related payments suc...More Button

Customers who qualify for the free travel scheme who are married or living as husband and wife may have an entitlement to a free travel pass that allows their spouse or partner to accompany them fo...More Button

In regard to the specific case raised by the Senator, the person’s adult son is not in receipt of a payment that would qualify him for entitlement to avail of the free travel scheme. As with...More Button

I appreciate the point made by the Senator. Two issues arise, the first of which is that there is no provision or regulation in law for the transfer of a travel pass. The second, which is fundame...More Button