O'Toole, Joe

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 12

Order of Business

Will the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill then be taken at 3 p.m.?More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

On the point raised by the Leader and my colleague, Senator Norris, during the earlier contretemps, had the House been sitting two weeks ago at least Members would not have had these problems.More Button

While I am aware of all the external pressures, the Leader will note it was my view at that time that Members should sit and I changed my own arrangements three times to accommodate this. This is ...More Button

It is not the issue of the single Bill on today’s Order of Business but the fact that over the next two or three weeks, Members face great congestion. I note the Leader shares this view but ...More Button

As for the question of where we are going, Members need to have time in which to tease out matters. This really is the issue and the congested nature of the next ten days will make it highly diffi...More Button

On the issue raised by Senator Coffey, I welcome the Government’s decision to extend the Luas project and to connect the Luas lines and the entire inner city.More Button

It is of great importance to take on those people who would wish to push us back into the dark ages. If one considers the points expressed by the United States at the G20 and G8 meetings over the ...More Button

This is not a political issue and Members should stand together to make the point that this is an investment that also will have employment opportunities. Moreover, it is commercially clever enoug...More Button

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Committee on Procedure and Privileges: Motion

It is not a change to Standing Orders.More Button

Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Second Stage

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Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

I supported the Bill on Second Stage, not because I am in favour of a charge for prescriptions but because when the an bord snip nua report was published, I was appalled at the figure of €5 pr...More Button

I have stated many times in the House that there is overuse and abuse of medications, not in the sense of people shooting up but misuse. I have argued with the Minister many times about the money ...More Button

At the weekend I spoke about aspects of the matter to somebody who works in a hospital. I was cited the example of someone living 40 or 50 miles from Dublin who had genuinely lost their child&rsqu...More Button

My point to the Minister is that it is not unreasonable to have a charge. Neither is it unreasonable to respond to the point made by Senator Fitzgerald that there be a review of the charge and tha...More Button

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Employers’ Job Incentive Scheme: Motion

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage

I am delighted to speak on this issue although it is an embarrassment that we are dealing with it and that this issue divides the country and political classes in two. There are more important thi...More Button

Senator Boyle should not get me wrong, I have no problem with a Government party making political capital out of this. From an intellectual point of view, it is not necessarily a bad thing if peop...More Button

I note the Government side is making a great sacrifice of supporting the non-sacrificial nature of stag hunting. I have held my view consistently on the matter, that stag hunting, fox hunting or h...More Button

I have lived on the border of Meath and Dublin for the past 40 years. Senator John Paul Phelan referred to what I have seen over the past 40 years. Nobody will hunt on my paltry three acres. I w...More Button

I have lived in the middle of this for 40 years. I have never followed the hunt or hunted on horseback in my life. I am always uncomfortable taking a populist view. The populist view among those...More Button

I do not honestly believe cruelty is involved in stag hunting. The stag does not get caught by the Ward Union Hunt. We are talking about a young, healthy stag with a half hour start followed by 2...More Button

I must continue the argument. Senator Boyle will not like any of this. He should relax, calm down and listen to my argument. If it was an issue of cruelty, we would examine the horses rather tha...More Button

The other aspect of this that bothers me is the doctrine of attractivism. Stags are beautiful animals, deer are gorgeous, Bambi on wheels, lovely antlers and we can hug it, run after it and admire...More Button

I knew Senator Boyle would not like the argument. Should we ban rat traps?More Button

People are still selling rat and mouse traps and we should examine this. People are culling deer. That is part of what we are. I have been living in Dublin for over 40 years and I lived near the...More Button

Over the same ground the Ward Union Hunt chases a stag it never catches, the Fingal Harriers chase hares they regularly catch. We differentiate between the gorgeous little red squirrel and the hor...More Button

There is an issue to be examined but the game is not worth the candle. We should not pass this Bill. All it will do in my area is create unemployment and more difficulty in respect of knackery se...More Button

More pheasants, woodcocks and grouse are released in north Dublin every year by game associations than are shot. I was paying particular attention when this debate began during the last shooting s...More Button

I cannot argue with the position the Minister of State has put forward in the sense that I acknowledge, respect and support her right to hold that position. However, my experience leads me to beli...More Button

I do not understand the reason the Bill refers to wildlife if the deer in question are stall-fed in the first place. Moreover, I do not know how this will be implemented. If 30 people decide on t...More Button

I think they should do that. They should do a Daniel O’Connell on it, if I may take a County Kerry view on this issue, and test every piece of this legislation. I do not believe it will sta...More Button

I will oppose the Adjournment, unless I can make this point. Is Committee Stage being ordered for Friday?More Button

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