Phelan, John Paul

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 12

Order of Business

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Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Second Stage

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Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

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Employers’ Job Incentive Scheme: Motion

It is well hidden.More Button

As opposed to the previous Minister.More Button

I move amendment No. 1:More Button

and calls on the Government to implement Fine Gael’s Hope for a Lost Generation and NewERA policies to make an immediate impact in the labour market and return the economy to a sustainable an...More Button

I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy Áine Brady. I do not intend to criticise her personally in saying there are many Ministers of State in the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innova...More Button

It is ironic that we are having this discussion tonight, as we had a debate on job creation eight days ago. We are often correctly criticised by people outside the House in this regard. To debate...More Button

Of course, I welcome the Government’s decision to introduce the employers’ PRSI incentive scheme, as this proposal was first mooted 19 months ago by Deputy Leo Varadkar on behalf of Fin...More Button

I acknowledge the efforts made by Senator Mooney over many years to reach out to Irish emigrants overseas. I do not believe anyone in the Oireachtas has done more than he has. However, the sad re...More Button

I acknowledge the Government has made some efforts. When the Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Deputy Kelleher, was in the House last week, he outlined what ...More Button

Touching on what Senator Mooney had to say about the banking crisis, while I have never held a candle for the banks, the political reality is that many of our financial institutions were very close...More Button

The unemployment statistics are shocking. We have the third highest rate of unemployment in the European Union. It is touching 14%. One in three men under 25 years is unemployed. While the figu...More Button

I challenge the notion that we have turned the corner. I am glad that neither Senator Mooney nor Senator Mary White used this expression, as there is widespread disagreement on the issue. Accordi...More Button

We are speaking about the employers’ job incentive scheme. This issue was last raised in May by Deputy Varadkar in the other House with the Minister for Employment, Trade and Innovation, Dep...More Button

Something interesting happened a little more than a year ago when the vice president of Pfizer, one of the country’s largest employers, pleaded with the Government to introduce measures to pr...More Button

The Minister for Finance, Deputy Brian Lenihan, has had four gos at trying to correct the difficulties in the banking sector through recapitalisation. It is clear to all at this stage the only way...More Button

Fine Gael has come up with several job creation proposals. I disagree with the lack of priority given by the Government to tackling unemployment. The State has had fiscal and banking difficulties...More Button

Fine Gael’s policy documents on youth unemployment, Hope for a Lost Generation, produced by Deputy Leo Varadkar, and job creation, NewERA, specifically outline several measures the Government...More Button

I am not convinced the Government has a clear policy on job creation and how to overcome current employment difficulties. I cannot support such a self-congratulatory motion as the one tabled tonig...More Button

The road to God knows where.More Button

Is that agreed? Agreed.More Button

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage

Not quite.More Button

“Liveline”.More Button

That is what we have come to now.More Button

I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy White. I am glad to have the opportunity to speak on this Bill. I want to take up a number of points made by Senator Boyle, who always manages to bring out...More Button

People responding to a newspaper poll say a lot of things.More Button

A newspaper poll last week indicated that 2% of them would vote for the Green Party.More Button

I did not say it. I am just saying that was what was in the newspaper.More Button

A poll is a poll. It has got nothing to do with what the general public might do if they were asked a direct question on a specific issue and asked to vote on it. That is the point I am trying to...More Button

There has been an abject failure in this discussion on the part of the Government to consult with people who are concerned about this issue. I understand that people from throughout the State are ...More Button

I believe it is true.More Button

The Senator spoke about lobbying. There has been extensive lobbying for and against this issue but most of it has been regular lobbying. Compared to some of the lobbying that went on outside the ...More Button

It is my responsibility to represent the views of the people in my part of Ireland, and I have no doubt the majority of people who live in Kilkenny do not see this as a significant legislative adva...More Button

There is a central error in many of the animal rights arguments one sees taking place outside this House. I believe many of the people involved in those movements would prefer to see more rights g...More Button

They are opposed to dairy farming. One of the leading activists who attended the Green Party conference in Waterford — I think she is a member of the national executive but I am not certain ...More Button

That person’s comments exist on a website——More Button

That person’s comments exist on the Internet.More Button

They are on a blog that was printed by——More Button

Her name is attached to it.More Button

Senator Boyle should not be so defensive. This exists. The Senator can look it up. Her name is Bernie Wright. Senator Boyle should look it up and read some of the comments she made over many ye...More Button

Senator Dearey asked me to put up or shut up.More Button

I said I was not sure whether she was a member.More Button

I have a right to speak, despite what some Members opposite seem to think. I agree with Senators Boyle and Dearey that, in the overall scheme of things, this issue is very minor. However, the Bil...More Button

I listened to the debate in the Dáil yesterday. Deputy Tuffy spoke about the culling of deer at certain times of the year — something of which I was not aware — and the potenti...More Button

I am sorry to say but I subscribe to the view that this legislation is the thin end of the wedge. I have never hunted or got on a horse to follow anything in my life. I have never fished or fired...More Button

Senator Dearey has mentioned the attempt made by the RISE! campaign to drive a wedge between urban and rural people. In many cases the people involved in that campaign are from urban areas. Many p...More Button

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