Prendergast, Phil

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 12

Order of Business

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Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Second Stage

I welcome the Minister. I am pleased to have this opportunity to contribute to the debate. The Labour Party is opposed to the proposed charge as it represents hardship for people with long-term i...More Button

Will the projected savings of €2 million per month mean there will be a review of cuts to respite care, home help hours, special needs assistants in schools and home care packages? A total of...More Button

I refer to the point made by Senator Fitzgerald. Patients requiring medication may become reluctant to ask for the medication because of the charge. Senator Feeney referred to the 2% of families ...More Button

This charge is a tax on illness and is an extraordinary measure. How was the charge arrived at? I have some questions about some of the aspects of the Minister’s contribution. A total of 8...More Button

Senator Fitzgerald made the point whether there is an administrative cost to this charge. I question whether it will involve form-filling and whether there will be a review or appeals system if pe...More Button

I refer to subsection (1A) of the Bill:More Button

Will the Minister comment on the fact that where crutches are given to people requiring them and for which there is currently no charge those crutches cannot be used again by anyone else. Will the...More Button

I have worked in the health service for many years and I know there are many crutches needed in the health service. I suggest there should be a more appropriate means of raising funds without putt...More Button

In my work as a midwife I am aware of the high costs associated with some treatment programmes, for instance, the treatment of endometriosis can cost more than €700 a month. I speak sensitive...More Button

This measure may have an implication for prescribing practice and I agree. Patients will know a drug with a different name has the same effect and qualified people can offer advice in this regard....More Button

With reference to crutches, I used this as an example. I note that walking aids or commodes are often left in houses when the user has passed away or as a result of other changing circumstances. ...More Button

This is not a midwifery clinic. Generally speaking, unless poor women have had symphisiotomies or pubic symphysis dysfunction they do not need walking aids or crutches——More Button

If anyone needs a midwifery clinic I am still on the register and if someone should spontaneously erupt into labour, I would be quite happy to attend to her.More Button

I get people out of labour and I hope I also get people supporting Labour.More Button

I appreciate we are in difficult times and that we need to look at everything but a levy of even 50 cent on people who are the end-users is not the right way to go about it. I acknowledge it is a ...More Button

I am interested in what the Minister said about crutches because my house is full of crutches. I am sure many people who worked in the health services, not just those in the same role as me, could...More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

We did not have time to watch it.More Button

They are considered to be an appliance.More Button

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Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

I have similar questions. Who will arbitrate on the individuals who wish to make a case if they are included or excluded and if the charge does not apply to them? Who will decide on this? Will i...More Button

The Minister mentioned that half the people who are on hypertensive medication should not be on it. I agree with her. What was very common during my time in active nursing was what was called “wh...More Button

It is also widely acknowledged that if people make lifestyle changes, their need for medication reduces. In the case of somebody who is overweight and suffering from hypertension, for example, red...More Button

The moratorium in the recruitment of public health nurses and the fact that 120 posts are not filled are having a major impact on how people are treated. There is scope within the system to make t...More Button

When does the Minister expect to be in a position to have a meaningful assessment of how much this measure is liberating into the coffers and helping her case? Does she envisage it will take six m...More Button

If the scheme seeks to influence demand and patterns of prescription in the GMS, does she envisage a reduction in the amount saved other than the aforementioned €2 million per month? I refer ...More Button

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage

I am delighted to have the opportunity to debate the legislation. I welcome the Minister of State. There has been much debate about the need for this legislation. The Ward Union Hunt has been ar...More Button

At the time, our Minister with responsibility for this issue was Deputy Michael D. Higgins. He sought to find a workable, sensible solution to the issue and he introduced a series of regulations, ...More Button

Since then, the hunt has operated very well. Others will no doubt mention the various services the hunt performs. It has a benefit to the local economy in Meath of over €1 million every year...More Button

The current Minister operated under the existing system until last year, when the revised programme for Government was introduced. At that time the senior partner in Government, Fianna Fáil...More Button

Of course, the Green Party of late 2009 is very different from the Green Party of early 2007. Many people who canvassed for the Green Party, who were members of the Green Party, are long gone sinc...More Button

The proper way to manage the Ward Union Hunt is through regulation.More Button

If legislation is considered necessary, the Minister should legislate around the existing regulations, and do it in conjunction with the stakeholders because he cannot dictate to them. I heard him...More Button

This is rushed legislation. It contains many errors. It has not followed best practice of involving key stakeholders. It is the use of a hammer to crack a nut, and it is deeply concerning to rur...More Button

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