Cullinane, David

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

School Staffing

I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy Damien English, and thank him for taking this Commencement matter.

  The issue relates to a school which was told in September that it had...More Button

The principal goes on to say:More Button

The answer does not bring clarity. In fact, it raises more issues. In the Minister of State's response he says the criterion used in the allocation of teaching posts for the 2015-16 year set out ...More Button

Order of Business

I, too, would welcome a debate on the North. We debated the matter in this Chamber a number of weeks ago. On that occasion the contributions made by most of the Senators were comprised of a long ...More Button

  I wish to respond directly to Senator Marc MacSharry who asked about the claims made by MI5 in a report that had been published. I recommend that people read the report in full and not...More Button

  Senator Marc MacSharry wants to talk about criminality. I can tell him that the only political party that I am aware of that had, in its ranks, people who were convicted of criminality...More Button

Does the Senator know the number?More Button

The community alert notices are everywhere. That is what they are about.More Button

There are community alert notices in Waterford.More Button

The MP is a Sinn Féin MP.More Button

Children First Bill 2014: Report and Final Stages

First and foremost, I commend the Minister for bringing forward the Bill. It is a good day for Ireland and the State that the passage of the Bill through the Houses is reaching its conclusion. I ...More Button

  It also is important to state we have come a long way during the past 30 years in how we deal with issues pertaining to children's rights. This culminated in the referendum which, agai...More Button

  In many respects, the Bill flows from that referendum outcome and strengthens the safeguarding of children. It puts key elements of Children First: National Guidance for the Protection...More Button

  I welcome the important amendments to remove the defence of reasonable chastisement from the Statute Book. It is a good day for the State. I will not say what year I was in because th...More Button

  Reference was made to parents who smacked or used correction to chastise a child. I have two children, one of whom is aged eight years and the other, four. They can be very trying at ...More Button

  I commend the Minister for the significant work he has done. He should be commended for this personal achievement. The Government should also be commended, as should all of the Senato...More Button

I move amendment No. 3:More Button

Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2015: Committee Stage

I move amendment No. 1:More Button

We certainly will not be withdrawing the amendments. In response to the Minister of State' scripted response, targets are set in many areas. We had to set targets for how much waste could be sent...More Button

  It is not fair to say legislation is not a place in which to set targets. It certainly seems to be the norm in Europe. On issues such as energy and climate change, one of the strength...More Button

Did the Senator say something?More Button

I am nearly finished, but I responded to the Senator.More Button

  I do not accept the Minister of State's weak response. She has not addressed the question of why clear targets have not been set but spoke about the national policy which falls short b...More Button

I move amendment No. 3:More Button

I move amendment No. 5:More Button

We were seeking the inclusion of the reference in this section also. While I appreciate, as stated by the Minister of State, that the Minister, Deputy Alan Kelly, has inserted similar wording in o...More Button

  Amendment No. 6 not moved.More Button

  Section 3 agreed to.More Button

I agree with the remarks of the previous speaker. I have made reference a number of times to the all-party consensus which appeared to be evident at the environment committee, which is good and po...More Button

I am flabbergasted by the Minister of State's response, a copy of which should be given to every citizen of the State if that is what the Minister of State believes. She believes only the Governme...More Button

  The Minister of State's comments are seriously outrageous and I take grave exception to them. I do not know from where they have come, but it is an absolutely outrageous response to wh...More Button

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